Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

birthday breakfast

Today is my birthday! I've had a lovely day so far. Scott gave me his present last night, a huge Cath Kidston weekend bag for our holidays! Then I woke up this morning and opened some more presents off family. I received a new watch off my Mum, a junkshop chair from my sister that I'm going to do up and make fabulous and tickets to watch a Midsummer Night's Dream off Pepe (the dog!).

I went out for lunch with Emma and she gave me some wonderful cookie cutters that I shall have to test out soon. Now I am just waiting for family to come after work and we're going to have a little dinner/buffet thing, with scones and cake!


  1. happy birthday! i'm glad you got a lovely breakfast; it's the best thing about birthdays.

  2. what an inviting breakfast table - when can i come over?

  3. oops sorry! happy birthday! i got so blown away by the tea and toast :)



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