Monday, 7 July 2008

40's shoes

new shoes!

I received these lovely shoes from Topshop the other day. They remind me of wartime housewives, with victory curls in their hair and floral pinnies. They only cost £35 which is kind of cheap for Topshop now! You usually expect to pay at least £50 for a pair of leather high heels.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with Scott and plan on wearing them in a similar fashion to this Polyvore set I just made.

Except obviously minus the miu miu bag and the Luella t-shirt but hey, a girl can dream right? I am going to save up for a lovely bag though since I am working so much overtime at the moment. Whether or not my budget will stretch to a miu miu bag I am unsure. I like Mulberry Elgin's too. What would be your dream designer 'it' bag?


  1. such a perfect outfit and I'm absolutely loving the shoes! As long as the bag is big enough to house all of the junk I seem to carry around, any would be fine with me!!



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