Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ms. Kidston

My mother called me 'Ms. Kidston' yesterday. I admit I do have quite a lot of Cath Kidston stuff! Scott bought me a weekend bag and also a passport cover and luggage tag. Then, my friend Corinne told that Tesco were doing Cath Kidston eco bags!

They cost £3.50 and are made from recycled plastic bottles. To be honest, I don't know why I bought one because I don't really do the food shopping. 50p goes to Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charity I recently raised £316 for by doing a Swimathon! So at least it was for a good cause. Coincidentally, I think the eco bag will make a perfect swimming kit bag, as it's slightly waterproof and pretty big!


  1. I got one of these yesterday too!

  2. You are solidly added to my Google reader, m'dear!

    P.S. This is starsincrown from LJ.

  3. i'm also addicted to cathy!!!

    i bought the laptop case when i was in london. the shop in covent garden is so amazing. i also bought the wallet and a little pouch.

    oh, i miss london already. :)

    btw, this is autoplastic from lj.



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