Sunday, 13 July 2008

recent outfits

I wore this last night to go out with friends into Liverpool. This is my dress of the moment, I've been wearing it so much! I love the shade of blue and the ruffles. It was from Miss Selfridges a few months ago.

I bought it shopping with Emma and hilariously got it stuck around my boobs because I hadn't undone enough buttons! Cue me going 'I'm stuck I'm stuck!' and Emma offering to help but the dress is hitched up around my boobs so I'm flashing my bum so I'm shouting 'But I'm half naked!'. I finally let her in because it was either let her see me in my underwear or have to be stuck in that dress forever.

The corsage was bought in the Topshop sale on Tuesday and I thought it just jazzed up the dress a bit although was a bit conscious that it looked like I'd just been to a wedding. Oh well, you can't beat yellow and blue together

Here is more yellow and blue together! I've been enjoying white vests or t-shirts tucked into skirts lately, worn with heels. These are my current favourite shoes, I love anything yellow! Sadly there is no amusing tale to tell about anything here..

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