Monday, 7 July 2008

You can't say no forever (to blogs)

So I have ventured into the world of blogging! I think this will just be a general melting pot of everything that goes on in my head. I thought I would begin with some music I've been listening to lots lately.

Lacrosse - You Can't Say No Forever

I discovered Lacrosse thanks to my recommendations, as they obviously knew that I had a penchant for jangly, girly Swedish pop! I downloaded a few mp3s and immediately bought the album, 'This New Year Will Be For You And Me'. It is like a little ray of sunshine in this miserable british summer. If you like the Acid House Kings, I'm From Barcelona and other jangly indie pop, you'll love this!

Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance

I first heard Lykke Li on 6 Music. She is Swedish, but not in the same kind of vein as Lacrosse. It is more mellow, electro female vocals. She is playing in Liverpool in October so I may attend that. She is slightly similar to fellow Swede Jenny Wilson, yet her vocals are higher and more delicate. It's really beautiful anyway. There's also a CSS remix of her current single that I downloaded from the music blog 'I am Fuel, You are Friends' which is pretty darn good.

Yelle - Ce Jeu

Sometimes music just sounds better in a foreign language doesn't it? Yelle is proof of this. I absolutely love french singing! I attempt to sing along but really all I do is make similar sounding noises. This opener from her album Pop Up is fabulous and perfect for dancing around to while getting ready. Scott first introduced me to Yelle, as a Tepr remix of 'A Cause De Garcons' was on the last Kitsune Maison compilation and was rather good, especially because the only words we knew to it was 'na na na na MARIE CLAIRE!' which provided us with great amusement. Others may be more successful at singing along with the French, but either way it is simply great music.

Now I am sadly having to go into work. This morning Pepe my dog was very ill and feeling sorry for himself. He had a terrible cough and woke me up at 7:30 by jumping on my bed and curling up with me. He then proceeded to cough up phlegm and just wasn't himself. So my Mum and I took him to the vet and they said he has a bit of a chest infection. He had 2 injections there and then will be on a course of antibiotics for a week from tomorrow. I hope he gets better! At least I am off work tomorrow and Wednesday, then Wednesday is my birthday :)


  1. hello! thank you so much for the recommendations, i have never heard of lacrosse before, and i´m loving it!!!

  2. Lacrosse are wonderful aren't they? Glad you enjoyed them :)



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