Monday, 14 July 2008

Things I am rather fond of at the moment

Feist on Sesame Street! So so cute. I wonder if she is their new replacement for the Count? He was pretty awesome but this is just too cute.

Sidney Lo's work which I first saw on I heart photograph, it's like a huge wardrobe remix project, yet with the same pose and background everyday and simple male clothes. This isn't just showing off your favourite outfits, but actually documenting everything he wore, which I wish I had the commitment to do.

My new remote for my D40! It should arrive tomorrow so then I'm going to play with long exposures minus camera shake and of course, self portraits!

Heart shaped sugar which sits on your cup! It would be perfect for a tea party.

Chumby! I noticed this on Apartment Therapy and was amazed by it. Basically it is a little gadget that links in with your wireless network and can be used as a clock, alarm (it can wake you up with your favourite online radio station!), digital photo album (linked up with flickr or whatever) and much more! You can read the news, check the weather, keep up to date with eBay auctions, check emails, facebook, myspace. Except all in a cute little ball instead of having to boot up your computer and take ages looking for it. I so want one. Sadly they don't ship outside the US at the moment.


  1. First off, I love your name. When I see a comment from Helen it makes me so happy! I knew you must be from England with that lovely name:)

    Feist + Sesame Street. Two of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww! Feist on Sesame Street seriously is the cutest thing ever.

    Also I wanted to say thanks for linking me. I really like your blog & will be linking you back! :]



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