Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blackberry crumble bars

I've been slacking with updating here and have TWO recipes to share with you! First, I made these blackberry crumble bars last week and they were so delicious. I made them to use up my bumper harvest of wild blackberries and saw the recipe on Smitten Kitchen. I highly recommend visiting Smitten Kitchen, the chocolate and peanut butter cake that she posted yesterday is on my 'to bake' list, it looks so amazing and decadent!

Anyway, back to these bars. The original recipe used blueberries, but they are pretty expensive over here (as are blackberries actually...if you buy them!) so I decided to use blackberries instead and make it a bit more English! The lemon in the fruit and the crumble part really cut through the sweetness and tartness of the blackberries perfectly.

The recipe is available here and is really simple. The biscuit base and crumble topping are the same mixture, only the base is pressed down while the topping is sprinkled. I tried them hot straight from the oven, cool after being in the fridge and warm with custard on them, and my favourite way to eat them has to be fresh, hot from the oven! The recipe said it yielded 36 small rectangles but I only got 12 squares, I guess I'm a bit over-generous in my portions!


  1. Great looking stuff.
    I've been meaning to ask if you make anything with liquor?

    I want a party of mine to both feed an intoxicate my guests. :)

    (if that's even possible)

  2. No I don't really use liquor in anything, but I did once make a chocolate guinness cake which was lovely! The only thing is once you cook the food the alcohol kind of disappears so you're just left with the taste.



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