Monday, 11 August 2008

Blossom tea

Last week I went into the Chinese supermarket in Liverpool and bought some blossom tea. Or flowering tea, or blooming tea, whatever it wants to be called! The package called it 'Artistic tea' which is a fair description I suppose. Whittards sell blooming teas, yet their prices are rather extortionate! £12 for 50g! I got mine for £5.50 and got 125g, but I suppose if there isn't a Chinese supermarket nearby Whittards is more accessible.

I love the Chinese supermarket, it's always quite daunting and like being on holiday in a foreign supermarket. It's like stepping into another world! I want to go back and take photos.


  1. Oh yum - looks like something great for a party!

  2. Yes I think it's more of a treat and spectacle than an everyday thing really, I plan on saving them for a tea party now.

  3. Hi Helen! your blog is so beautiful. I love the story about your grandparents that you wrote in Jo´s blog. I´m from Argentina and I know a lot of stories from Spain, I have a lot of family from Galicia. So long!

  4. helen, thank you so much for sharing the story and photo of your granddad, i really, really liked it. i loved the part of stealing melons :)

    thank you again!!!



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