Friday, 22 August 2008

I went blackberry picking today, Pepe and Scott helped me too. I'm going to make an apple and blackberry pie for dinner on the bank holiday.


  1. I love blackberries. Did your fingers get dyed that fabulous purple-red colour?

  2. I'm American, we don't have "Bank Holiday". While I can easily Google it, and find out what it is, I wanted to know:

    What, if anything, does the Bank Holiday mean to you?

  3. Richel - Yes, my fingers were all purpley-red and I came away with scratches from the thorns and stings from nearby nettles, but it was worth it!

    Meme - A bank holiday is traditionally when everyone has a day off. Sometimes it's because of a celebration, like Christmas or Easter has lots of bank holidays. But the bank holiday in August usually marks to me the end of the summer. It's like one last day off before summer ends! It's also the last bank holiday before Christmas. For me, most bank holidays are just like a sunday since I'm a student and don't have a full time job, but that means a lovely sunday dinner with all the family round.

  4. What gorgeous pictures! It makes me want to find a gorgeous blackberry garden and run around with a basket collecting them! :)



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