Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ina Garten: Highly annoying yet incredibly infectious

I only discovered Ina Garten on UKTV Food, where The Barefoot Contessa is aired in the UK. First, I was like 'Who is this? A fat, American version of Nigella Lawson?'. Then she became incredibly annoying. Every episode was 'So, I'm having some friends over so I'm going to cook this delicious cake/pot roast/soup'. And it was different friends in each episode! Okay, maybe she does have a lot of friends and I shouldn't be so cynical, but there was something fishy about this to me...

But I kept on watching. Even with her ridiculous stories about table settings (including one episode where she goes out into the show in her garden and finds a snow covered branch to use as a table setting, or where she dangles dried oranges off branches in a vase to complement the food...the list is endless) I couldn't stop watching. Me and Scott would mock her and her silly foodie ways, yet I think she was brainwashing us. Maybe I am secretly enjoying it. Maybe I will buy one of her books cos she does make darn good cakes...

P.S. Apparently she is 60!!!! No way!


  1. LOL.

    This week's been filled with greatness from AFEITAR!

    I don't watch TheFoodNetwork (here in America). But sometimes I'm channel surfing and I see her twirling and smiling like someone's mother. I don't even give her a second to brainwash me!


  2. XDD ~ I watch her all the time here. She dies eem fishy. She has parties all the time. Who needs that many parties. And when she has those special episodes where they follow other people...idk, it just seems too staged. She does have good recipes though.



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