Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Trip to Ikea!

I love late night trips to Ikea. Scott's brother has been doing his room up and we had to return to change a wardrobe door, which always gives us lots of amusement trying to squeeze things in the car to avoid paying the quite extortionate delivery charges for a quick trip down the M62. I took my camera and took photos of things I rather liked so I can remember then for when I return with more money. 

This cake stand is definitely on my wishlist. Infact, I don't know why I didn't buy it because I will use it so much! It costs £9.99 and has a beautiful pattern on the plate. The dome will be very useful too for storing cake in but the stand could also work as cute candle plate. I need this for a tea party!

I loved these fake flowers too, even if they did remind me of my Nana. It looked like a mini florist in Ikea and a few fake flowers could really cheer up my room I think. I like having flowers in my room but at about £5 a pop for a bunch a week and the fact that I always forget to top up their water, fake flowers could possibly be a better option for me. Of course, I would still get real flowers as a treat, especially fresias because I love their smell.  
Finally, I spotted this really good bedspread in the kids section! It really reminded me of the Cath Kidston alphabet bedding that I posted about a few weeks ago, but obviously cheaper. However, Ikea only does bedspreads in a set so I couldn't just get the pillow case and I think the Cath Kidston one would be better quality. Both are for kids, but the Cath Kidston one can be more adult too I think, when put with the right kind of decor.

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  1. you should definitely get that cake stand, especially since you bake!



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