Saturday, 27 September 2008

20 little things to treasure in the Autumn

Following up from my last autumnal post, Melissa @ The Inspired Room has asked us what 20 things we treasure in the Autumn, so I decided to share mine too.

1.Trips to Delamere Forest with Scott and Pepe, and watching Pepe enjoy playing in the leaves.

2. The thoughts of new beginnings and fresh starts as I return to uni.

3. Buying new pajamas, dressing gowns and cosy socks to snuggle up in.

4. Adding cinnamon to nearly everything, especially baked apples and porridge.

5. Being inspired to take lots of photos in the bright yet cool daylight.

6. Making healthy, warm soups, such as butternut squash and ginger soup. Hmmmm.

7. Layering up with opaque tights, boots and scarves.

8. Making pumpkin cupcakes.

9. The days getting shorter and watching the sun set over Liverpool when I get the train home from uni.

10. All the new winter clothes coming into shops and investing in a new winter coat.

11. Buying new stationery. It gets me too excited really!

12. Late-night trips to Ikea to buy candles to get that cosy feeling when I'm reading in my room.

13. Delayed trains because of leaves on the tracks (actually I really hate this but it is one of those very autumnal things for me!)

14. Autumnal runs, because the sun is shining yet it isn't too hot and unbearable to go at midday.

15. Buying The Times and doing the crossword with Scott on train journeys.

16. Indulging in long baths and stocking up on Lush bubble bars.

17. Mine and Scott's anniversary (2 years in 10 days!)

18. Using a hot water bottle to warm up my bed before I get in it.

19. The smell of bonfires and leaves being burnt.

20. The walk up to uni, listening to music on my mp3 player and abercromby square in the autumn.


  1. #17 - too weird. It's my partner and mine anniversary in 6 days - 2 years, and his name's Scot. *grin* (My birthday's in 10 days)

  2. The fall is great, here in Norway the collors this year are lovely! Nice pictures too!
    - Kristi

  3. Oh you make autumn sound so lovely I almost wish it wasn't Spring here in Australia!

  4. Lovely!!! I like autumn soooo much too!!!and in special foggy days!!!! with big pies!!! we have to exchange recipes!!! :D



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