Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Apple picking!

On Monday I finally went apple picking with Scott! I'd been pestering him to go for ages, after hearing about Eddisbury Fruit Farm which is only about 25 minutes away, in the depths of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. They specialise in apples and make their own apple juice and Cheshire cider. They didn't have any cider ready yet but I did pick up some James Grieves apple juice which is wonderfully sharp and tasty.

We went and picked our own apples too! They did have some ready you could just buy, but where's the fun in that?

It didn't take us very long, we decided we preferred picking soft fruit like when we went strawberry and raspberry picking, because you have to forage more and it seems like more of a challenge to find a good one! We came home though with 2 big bags of apples, one bag of bramleys and another bag of howgates, both cooking apples so we made a pie.

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  1. Apple picking sounds like so much fun! I think I have an apple farm somewhere near me - I should check it out when the apples are in season!



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