Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy halloween!

pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving

big pumpkin little pumpkin

I carved my first pumpkin! Over here halloween isn't as big a deal as it is in America, but it is slowly becoming one. This was my first attempt at pumpkin carving! My pumpkin is the little one, with the polka dot design. I used an apple corer to do it, it was pretty easy yet time consuming! Scott downloaded a template for his Oogey Boogey Man design and I helped a little bit. It was really fun and addictive, I wanted to buy more pumpkins but Asda had all sold out. Apparently there's going to be a pumpkin and squash shortage this year. So with the leftover bits I carved out of mine (there was quite a lot!) I pureed it and am going to make a pumpkin pie. I also toasted the seeds from both of them to keep for snacking, being extra-economical! It does seem like a bit of a waste just using them for decoration but they are pretty...

Tonight Scott's sister is having a small party so I'm baking some brownies and pumpkin pie for it. I'm also getting dressed up but you shall find out what as later! What are your plans for halloween? What are you going as?


  1. Pretty! I just carved a pumpkin on Wednesday for the first time in a year or so, and I had forgotten how much fun it can be. It's a lot of work, though!

    And I love toasted pumpkin seeds. Mm.

  2. Fantastical!
    I don't carve pumpkins, but I admire the work of art for those that do.



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