Saturday, 4 October 2008

Nina's first walk!

We could take Nina out for her first walk yesterday - a very big occassion in a puppy's life! I was sad when it was Pepe's first walk because I was out somewhere and my sister decided to take her out even though I wanted to. Anyway, I got to take Nina out on her first walk!

And here I am with Pepe and Nina. Look how Pepe sits so nicely and poses for the camera, but Nina hasn't quite learnt that yet. It was a lovely autumnal day and Nina really enjoyed her first taste of freedom.


  1. Nice! The first walk is big. It's like it was yesterday when my dog Emma saw snow for the first time. :) She first touched the snow with one paw, and then she jumped in to it and had a blast, funny. But that's almost 5 years ago.

    - Kristi



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