Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pumpkin cake and cookies!

Last Monday I made Scott carry 2 very large pumpkins from the top of Bold Street to Lime Street Station (about a 10-15 minute walk I suppose) and his arms really suffered for it. Now, I will say that I did offer to carry one of them but he refused to let me help! So I decided to make some yummy pumpkin baked goods to make up for it and help ease the muscles in his arms.

First, I made some pumpkin cookies.

These were the only photos I got of them really because they were so delicious I had to quickly pack them away and take them to Scott before I ate them all. They had toasted pumpkin seeds in them and sultanas which gave it a really nice texture. The recipe can be found here.

Then, I made a lovely pumpkin cake for after sunday dinner. I've made this before, but decided to make it a triple layer cake, partly because it looks so pretty and also partly because it cooked quicker in 3 seperate cake tins.

It was so yummy, although my Mum & Dad said there was too much icing but I am of the opinion that there can be no such thing as too much icing, so maybe I do go a bit overboard. The icing is flavoured with orange zest and juice and goes so well with the pumpkin, nuts and spices in it. The recipe is a trusty Asda magazine one which can be found here.

I also made a pumpkin cake for the girls following this recipe for whoopie pies, but baked it in a loaf tin. It was a very different texture to the cake above, because it used a lot more pumpkin puree and oil instead of butter, so it was more dense and moist, whereas the above cake is crumbly and quite light. I didn't get a photo of that but I can assure you it was lovely!

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