Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sparkler fun!

Last night at Corinne's we enjoyed some sparklers! We were rebels and ignored all the rules to have gloves and put them in a bucket of water, but no-one got hurt! I love sparklers, the colour changing ones are probably my favourite. They were always the best thing about bonfire night - fireworks are always a bit of a let down I think (plus they scare the doggies!)


  1. hey.. i found ur blog from carrie's blog. i want to say thank you for sharing that article about the nightclubs thing.

    i love when people share all kinds of interesting articles. ;)

  2. i've never even held a sparkler! how crazy! haha. fun to take pictures of though!

  3. Beautiful! I love sparklers so much. :D They remind me of where I grew up, and that's always a nice feeling.



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