Thursday, 2 October 2008

What I wore today!

Today I feel like a doll in this quite volumious skirt and the ribbed white tights and cute mary janes. The skirt os from Topshop and has adorable heart buttons on it. The t-shirt is from h&m, everyone needs a stripy t-shirt! I'm off out now for some retail therapy at Liverpool One and to a Speculative Fiction seminar.


  1. Hey Helen! Super cute outfit! I love the red/blue-combo :D
    By the way, I've linked you in my blog. I hope that's OK. I really want to expand my blog network outside of Norway, and since you've got a cute blog, I thought I'd add you to my link-list. Sorry 'bout my blog being in Norwegian, hope you'll still visit sometime :)

  2. you look like a total doll! i love that skirt

  3. you look so cute! love the blue skirt.

  4. i love the blue skirt!



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