Friday, 14 November 2008

2 simple outfits from this week

11th november

This is what I wore on Tuesday, when I didn't really do anything at all. I was reading and doing my essay and just procrastinating really if I'm honest. It's been my reading week this week yet I feel like I've been busier than normal! I have been in work 2 evenings this week so perhaps that is why. Anyway, I really love those skirts from Pop Boutique. My shoes are from Marks and Spencers which is quite surprising! They have quite a vintage yet cool look about them which I loved.

12th november
This is what I wore on Wednesday. This is a very simply, comfy outfit. I usually wear a belt with it but to be honest, sometimes it hurts my belly! So I just let it all hang out and was rather comfy. I love that bow necklace, it was only £2 from Miss Selfridge about 2 years ago! What are your favourite bargain finds?


  1. Lovely dresses that you utilize to keep you comfy while showing off your awesome curves.

    Plus you remind me of peppermint candy. Mmmm. lol.

  2. Super sweet outfits Helen!

    I'm going to be running a series on Charade titled 'Student Portraits' which will be a sort of peep into the lives of certain sassy students. It's basically a little questionaire that I've put together and you'd be perfect!

    If you're at all interested please email me at

    Adoration x

  3. what beautiful outfits.
    you are extremely adorable.

  4. LOOOOOVE your skirt and it goes so well with the white tights!! i think i need to get more white tights. i only own one right now.. i wish i could wear it every day =)


  5. I love me a good cardigan. Very cute.



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