Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Good evening! I hope everyone is having a good week so far.Today I realised I have to hand in a piece of assessed work at the end of next week and also that it is only 2 weeks until December! But other than that I am having a good week so far. This is what I wore today to go into Uni for a lecture and a tutorial. I was inspired by another outfit of mine, this one, because I really like red and blue together, especially those bright shades that go POP! I have also had a slight haircut and henna-ed my hair slightly darker this time. The difference is only slight but I like it. It looks almost black on that photo but it isn't that dark!

I have also been 'interviewed' by the lovely Megan of Charade for her 'Student Bloggers' feature which was very fun to do! I am the first of this feature so I am quite honoured. You should all check out what I have to say about student life and also browse round the rest of her blog because it is lovely and has lots of good advice for students.


  1. I love that outfit! Very awesome.

  2. You look so cute there - oh, I am jealous of your 20 year old self who can wear cool little outfits like that!

  3. cute cute outfit! though i probably would never be able to pull it off. i am not one who wears the color red..


  4. i love that outfit!! it's so nice, the red and blue really do work well together.



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