Thursday, 20 November 2008

Iekeliene Stange

Today I am admiring Iekeliene Stange, who I discovered via Fifi Lapin. I love her long, long hair (maybe I can get mine that long!) and her individual style. I also want that blue beret and the red checked dress. As Fifi says - the new Agyness? (photos via Jak & Jil)

P.S. I have updated my 'blog roll' but if you would like to exchange links with me and you're not up there, just let me know!


  1. Ahh, her fashion is amazing and she's so pretty! Whenever I see people with lovely hair like that I really want to grow mine out, but it's such a hassle. :/

  2. Oh, she's cute! i love the first outfit.

  3. I really like that dress. I'm trying to grow my hair right now but my hairdresser seems to take too much off :/

  4. Ah she's sort of brilliant, I watched an interview with her on Fashion TV (because clearly I have nothing else to do...) and she's pretty eloquent and interesting as well! And I really want that first dress of hers...

  5. She looks like a fun gal to hang with!



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