Friday, 21 November 2008

My bedroom

my polaroid door and mirror

most of my room!

my desk

these are some of my uni books just for this semester!

my shelves

My bedroom is a little haven. It is where I do all of my uni work, reading, getting ready, internet browsing and relaxing. I decided to organise all of my books and CDs on my bookshelf into colour order and totally tidy my room up so I thought I would share it with you all. There are more photos in my flickr set, but I did get a bit snap-happy! I love how bright and airy my room is, but it is also nice and cosy in the evening and not at all cold like I was scared blue and white would be when I chose those colours about 4 years ago. I've not outgrown them so I am quite pleased with it! I love my bed and all the cushions I have on it, it makes it perfect for lounging around reading.

What is your favourite thing about your room?


  1. My favourite thing about my current room is probably the size - it's the biggest room I've ever had, but I still seem to have too much stuff to fill it!

    Unfortunately the size is also a downside, it's always freezing at the moment because there's only one small radiator and a huge window.

  2. My favourite thing about my room at the moment is that it is in the house I grew up in ^__^

    I moved back home after I finished uni, and for the time being it looks it's where I'll be staying.

    I like that you colour co-ordinated all your books and CDs - that's something I would do too!

    You have a lovely room ^__^ Amy x

  3. Your room is absolutely gorgeous! I'm dying to paint my room, but I just don't have the time/money! x

  4. i LOVE your room!! it's so bright and comfy =) never really thought that blue and red would make such a nice room like that.. it's quite surprising actually =)

    the polaroids on your door is just too cute! and what you did with your books and cd's is AMAZING!! i also like the mirrors that you have there. also the little red london public phone boxes.

    and i am also seeing a giant cupcake hiding in a corner. so cute!


  5. I so love the red and blue, such vibrant-ness!

    and such a cute mini phone box! <3

  6. Wow, what a great room. You inspire me to finally do something about the pile of polaroids that I've been meaning to put on the wall for ages now...

    I love the blue wall. Two things that are important to me are framed pictures and colours - I couldn't live in a room without either of these things. What I like best about my room is the wallpaper, it has yellow and white stripes on it.

    Oh, by the way, hello, I have never commented before, but I really like your blog a lot!

  7. Your bedroom pic is my new desktop background. Loving colors, and quite cheery place to come back to.

    The favorite thing about my room is the view when the sun hits the 8 o/clock hour and shines brightly inside to wake me up. It's like a natural alarm. Sweet stuff.

  8. The polaroid wall and color coded bookcase are terrific. I love the brightness of this room.

    My favorite thing about my room is my extremely comfy bed.

  9. I LOVE your room, it's wonderful! I also arrange my books by colour (or I used to, before I ran out of shelf space - now I just put books whenever a space comes up), and I smiled at a lot of the books you have on your shelves (Jonathan Strange! Life of Pi! Tolkeeein <3).
    I like my room because it's got all my stuff in it, but I reeally want to redecorate it - it's been the same since I was 11 :O

  10. i've just discovered your blog, when you said on flyingsaucers blog that your from where nicola roberts is am i :D
    so I thought i'd comment!
    great room

  11. oh your bedroom is perfection.

    so lovely.
    and tidy in a way that is not tidytidy, but... oh i can't explain!
    it's lovely.
    and your polaroids, how enchanting.

  12. Oh! I love your bedroom. It's so cheerful & inviting. My bedroom is still kind of stark right now. But, I love my bed. :)

  13. it's so cute and colourful! I love it! x

  14. omg love how you color coordinated your bookshelf! hmmm... lol my fav thing in my dorm room would have to be my little bed cave i have.

  15. I like the blue wall! Your mirror too!

  16. love your room! it's so optimistic :)

    i organize all my books by color too!

    La C

  17. So pretty thanks for the inside look!

  18. I love the bright colors and clean walls in your room. The heater is my favorite thing about my room right now--I want to sleep wrapped around it. :)

  19. its really cute! love the polaroids on the door!

  20. First off, I am lusting over your CD collection!

    My favorite thing about my room is my furniture. It was my grandmothers. It's this gorgeous dark brown color that I haven't seen in furniture stores in years. I used to hate it, but as I got older I began to really appreciate it.

  21. I love your room. That is probably an understatement.
    Your photographs are just divine!

  22. owh, your room is so cute and I love how you've colour coded the books! gorgeous. It looks very well lit too - always a good thing :)


  23. i have just found your blog - its lovely :)

    I am totally in awe of how cute your books look! I'd have never thought to arrange by colour - great idea!

    sam xxx



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