Monday, 15 December 2008


Long time - no post! Well, over a week anyhow. I have been super busy the past week with Uni and working and socialising and then I went to Bath for a lovely weekend away with Scott - we were in need of a treat after this past semester! (Although mine isn't quite over yet sadly...)

Bath is such a pretty City, I really do love it. The Georgian architecture, the independent shops, the River Avon. It's all so beautiful.

no. 1 royal crescent

the circus

royal crescent

I took quite a lot of photos so I will be slowly uploading them and sharing with you my favourite bits of Bath that I saw in 2 days.


  1. I just found your blog--it's quite lovely. I love how the buildings round in the last two pictures.

  2. Bath is a lovely place! You should have come and visited me while you were down here! hahah!

  3. Eyeliah - thank you!

    Amelia - I am flattered! I love the architecture in Bath too, there are lots of crescents like that.

    Carrie - I did think of you when I had to change at Bristol! I didn't know if you lived close to bath though. I wish I lived closer, it is one of my favourite cities now.

  4. ohh helen bath looks lovely! i am considering it for my 21st weekend away. where did you stay? xx

  5. sooze - we stayed in a lovely guesthouse called brooks guesthouse

    i would highly recommend it! we stayed in one of the scummy bidget rooms but the other newly decorated ones look looooovely



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