Sunday, 7 December 2008


Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day (I like dinner and tea just as much too really, but especially breakfast). You've been asleep for 8 hours (if you're lucky!) and you're all ready for a busy day ahead of you so you NEED breakfast. I, personally, cannot function very well without it. Scott on the other hand hardly ever has breakfast.

sunday breakfast

Today I had beans on toast for breakfast and a cup of milky hazelnut coffee. Just what I needed to warm me up.

breakfast for a cold day

On Wednesday I had a bacon sandwich with a cup of sweet coffee because I had a busy day in uni ahead of me. I always like having hearty, filling breakfasts in the winter. In the summer though I am more likely to have something like this.


Natural yoghurt with walnuts and sultanas, with a tangerine and a cup of green tea. Nice and refreshing! But for now I am sticking to things such as toast, scrambled eggs, porridge, bacon butties, etc.

What's your favourite thing for breakfast?


  1. thank you :)
    aww i love getting a real christmas tree too!
    all that food looks gorgeous!

  2. I love breakfast! It's probably my favorite meal of the day. I usually have oatmeal or eggs or fruit and lots of coffee. I feel bad about people who don't eat breakfast at all. I have no idea how they do it.

  3. Oh yum!

    Breakfast is absolutely the best meal of the day, I actually get excited about what I'm going to have for breakfast before I've even gone to bed... it's that serious an obsession!

    My top choice is perfectly poached eggs on thick wholegrain toast with lashings of ketchup... Drool.

    Adoration x

  4. I am a porridge girl (plain, made with water, thankyou!). LOVE IT. Every day. Sometimes more than once. There is nothing wrong with having cereal/porridge as a snack/dessert.

    Though I will confess that your summer breakfast looks yummy.

  5. I was never a breakfast girl, but I do like it :) Just not first thing in the morning. At the moment, I'm loving tomato on toast, with an egg on top. OMG so good. I love beans with a fry up as well (just meaning bacon and eggs with a bit of tomato and BEANS!!). I got into beans whilst I lived in the UK 5 years ago. Nom nom nom. I absolutely adore my french toast, with lashing of syrup (golden or maple) and some strawberries (banana will do). It's taken over from pancakes actually, I think.

  6. your breakfasts are so aesthetically pleasing. i just eat coco pops most of the time.

  7. I know what you mean about breakfast! It definitely is the best meal of the day - I would just have breakfast 3 times a day if I could!

    Because of the cold weather I'm loving porridge at the moment, and for a treat at the weekends I like to make blueberry pancakes or eggy bread.

    My boy hardly ever has breakfast - he prefers a cup of coffee to wake him up, but I would never miss it!

    Your photo's remind me of the 'Simply Breakfast' blog - lovely x

  8. Demi - Thanks!

    Rebee - I have no idea how they do it either! I need some kick starting in the morning

    Megan - Poached eggs are also a favourite of mine, yum yum. I like mine with brown sauce though!

    Claire - I like porridge too, haven't had it in a while though because we haven't had any in. I can't have it with just water though! I like full fat milk and lots and lots of honey

    Lizzie - Hmmm maple syrup on pancakes. Delicious!

    Carrie - On weekdays I usually have just cereal and a cup of coffee too, but when I have days off I like to take my time over breakfast.

    Amy - Yes I love Simply Breakfast too! There is also a livejournal community called ofmornings which has inspired me, which has been inspired by simply breakfast.

  9. Looks delicious! During the week breakfast for me is muesli with milk and on weekends eggs benedict. Boy I'm getting hungry now...

  10. Usually I just have carnation instant breakfast drink and some toast or bagels. I don't eat to much for breakfast - I don't have much time in the mornings! Also, I tagged you with an award on my blog :)

  11. I just have to have my mullerice. Vanilla custard flavour rice pudding. It sets me up for the day. Even better with a sliced banana in it if I am extra hungry.

  12. Oh gosh, breakfast is my favorite favorite favorite meal ever.

    I'm a big fan of eggs/hash browns/sausage/bacon.... The usual!



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