Saturday, 27 December 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas. We all did here, especially Pepe and Nina who received lots of toys, off us, my sister, Scott's Mum and my Auntie! They are very loved.


It was all a bit too much for them by yesterday though and they just wanted a rest!

It has all been a bit much for me too and I feel like I may be getting ill - aches and pains everywhere, constant yawning, ear ache. But I am trucking on. Today we have more family visiting and yet more food! I have so many chocolates to plough through, I think I will make an emergency chocolate box under my bed for when I REALLY need chocolate and we never have any in.

As I get older Christmas is less about presents and having the must have toy/gadget for christmas, but more about spending it with loved ones which I have realised over the past few years. However, I did get some awesome presents of course!
kg shoes

These are KG by Kurt Geiger shoes that Scott got me. They are so high and delicious! Phwoar.


  1. your dogs are so so cute!
    you're lucky! the new shoes are lovely! the color and the bow tie make them so sweet!

  2. Naaw, lovely dog. And very cute shoes!

  3. FIT SHOES- Those are stuff of dreams!ahh no worries chick, I didn't realise you even read my blog (or anyone reads my blog ha ha!)
    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas x

  4. As for the books- I haven't no, but I've heard very good things about it, it is on my mental 'to read' list (as with lots of books!) until my material 'to read' list that stares at me from my shelves and my course reading lists kind of consume my life!!! But yes,I'm anxious to get my hands on more Angela Carter especially after reading Nights At The Circus.
    I know what you mean! Theres a good selection from the elective modules, the Magic Realism module I chose this semester was a bit amazing, but trudging through Paradise Lost and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner on really trying days, requires lots of chocolate!

  5. Cute doggies. I think I'm in love with those shoes! Yeah, I have a really stuffed nose--it sucks to be sick around now.

  6. Aw your dogs are so adorable! Love the shoes too :)

  7. delicious shoes indeed!! love the patent and the color and the bow, especially!


  8. Awww, your dog is adorable! Make sure you get plenty of rest so you don't come down with something too serious.

    Gorgeous shoes, too! I love the design and color.

  9. Cute shoes *and* cute pups?! You are one lucky lady!

  10. Lovely shoes!!!
    Your blog is nice and stylish, u r gifted!



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