Thursday, 1 January 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

1. betty's!, 2. nina and pepe on their walk, 3. blackberry crumble bars, 4. minnie mouse and a rat!, 5. strawberry picking, 6. pepe, 7. kingsbarns golf course, 8. bigben, 9. Italy, 10. trevi fountain, 11. bath abbey at night, 12. albert dock, 13. bypass traffic, 14. sparkler fun!, 15. nom nom nom, 16. scott's graduation

I made this little mosiac of some of the lovely things I did in 2008. Honourable mentions include (in no order)-

  • Swimming the Swimathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care! Going to do it again this year, but maybe the 2.5km one instead of 1.5km. I raised over £300 for them and got fit in the process!
  • Scott graduating (and getting on his master's too)
  • Went to London with my friends to see some exhibitions and got (too) drunk in Camden.
  • Visited Emma in York for her birthday again! Hopefully I shall do this again this year for her 21st (exams and uni work permittng)
  • I went to Scotland with Emma again for a lovely week with lots of food, fresh air and piggies!
  • Then I flew to Italy the day after getting back from that for a nice summer break on Lake Bracciano and visited Rome also.
  • We got a new puppy in September! I love having 2 dogs now, Nina is an adorable addition to our family.
  • Started my 3rd year in university (scary - I graduate this year)
  • Visited Bath for a lovely weekend away with Scott before Christmas.
Looking back on it, it has been a very good year really. I just hope this year is even better! I graduate, turn 21 and my sister also gets married this year, so it is shaping up to be quite a good one really (although kind of scary and grown up too)

Nearly 2009

I've got my new diary ready to plan my year in! Mostly it will be full of revision schedules for the next 3 weeks which is sad, but I'm going to write down some resolutions and things I want to do in 2009, which I shall share with you all later.


  1. Looks like a lovely year. I hope 2009 has as much, if not more. :)

  2. Your 2008 looks nice, but it sounds like 2009 has a lot in store for you. Happy New Year!

  3. oh no! i haven't got my 2009 diary/planner yet. i should really get it soon.





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