Friday, 9 January 2009

Study days

study day

This is what I am wearing today to spend all day studying and finishing off my last essay. I have been searching for some blue tights for a while, but couldn't manage to find the right shade of blue. Royal blue is my favourite shade! It's so bold and goes well with pillarbox red. My shoes were a recent sales purchase from Urban Outfitters - £12.99 for leather shoes, which is quite good. Grey shoes were also something else that had been in mental wishlist.

I decided to get up early today, jump straight in the shower, have a nice breakfast and get straight on with my work, which is an essay on The Sleeper Awakes and 1984. I have done a bit so far so have decided to take a break. Getting dressed fairly nice, instead of my usual scruffy study-wear, is making me feel more motivated too. After getting more work done I'm going to take a study break on the Wii fit to burn off all the chocolate I've been eating due to essay/exam stress! What do you do to combat study stress?

Oh I was also tagged by Claire to do that photo thing

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.

A lovely photo of me and Scott from last february! We had gone for a meal with my family to the West Tower, which is where my cousin works as a chef (yes, my love of food is certainly a family-thing!). It was so lovely. My dress is from Miss Selfridges, I really like it. My hair has grown quite a bit since then too!


  1. Love your outfit! Your tights are perfect, where are they from?
    I never have a proper routine when I study (I study English Lit and creative writing). I'd rather work into the night than start early because I never mentally wake up til about one in the afternoon! I work better in a library than at home because there are less distractions. I usually say I'll work til 3 o clock or something and then treat myself to a drink or a biscuit. Gives me something to keep going for!
    Good luck!

  2. I love the colors in your outfit. Those shoes look really cute!

  3. I love the colour combo Helen, you do primary colours so well! This is releasethestars from flickr and filmnoir from lj btw, finally started a blog xox

  4. This is a lovely outfit, I need a simple casual black dress, do you mind me asking where yours is from?

  5. Oh, I love it! You look so cute!

  6. you look so cute! and i love that jumper with all the hearts. but i think i love your polaroid wall the most =) it's amazing.


  7. Cute outfit! I love the dress and color combination. Getting up nice and early and dressing nice is the perfect way to get motivated!

  8. this is so so cute. especially that red cardigan!

  9. Aw cute colours, I love your poloroid wall!!

  10. Cute outfit! Great colours.

  11. That's a great outfit! I do agree that sometimes just dressing nicely, and making an effort, can urge you to make an effort in other areas :)The shoes are great and even more so for £12.99, bargain! Really like your blog, hope your studies went well! Take care x

  12. thank you :)
    i know, it sucked!!

    love the outfit, the tights are reallyy cool!
    good luck with your work!

  13. I really like the tights they look great with the red.

  14. i love your outfit! its adorable



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