Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Style.com inspiration

I spent quite a bit of time on Monday browsing on Style.com. I think I could spend forever looking at that website and feeling dazzled by it all. Usually I prefer street style and bloggers over looking at fashion shows, but sometimes you just can't escape the dazzle and wonder of them. They are really captivating.

chanel pre-fall

I love mostly anything Chanel do. Who doesn't? I love this collection, especially that white dress second left. Oh my. To have that in my wardrobe right now. I would easily feel like a Russian princess. Especially if I managed to do my hair like that too.

chloe pre-fall

With myself graduating in July and considering entering the 'real' world of work, I have been considering what I would wear in a 'proper' job. Especially if I were to go into teaching. Me and Scott have had a few, ahem, debates, over what I could get away with in teaching. Anyway, I think this Chloe collection would certainly be teacher-approved, especially that cardigan with the bow on, swoon! Of course I would have to wear a shirt or something under it...without it it is not quite school safe. I love the coats too. So smart and classic.

ruffian fall rtw

This is from a show on saturday at New York fashion week - I wonder what romantic couples attended that? Or if it was just single girlfriends a la Sex and The City? I love this collection so much. Those tights! I have been searching for polka dot tights for a while! (don't think my budget would stretch to these of course). I love the red, black & grey, the structured tailoring yet feminie ruffles and the sheer netting of the tights. I also love the models bright red lipstick too.

united bamboo

Apparently Kanye West is a big fan of United Bamboo, but I myself have never heard of them. Oh well. This collection is cute though, it looks like a collaboration between school girls, librarians and anthropologie, which is never a bad thing is it? I loooove the pattern on the 3rd dress. And that mustard skirt - delicious.

P.S. Please do laugh and mock my terrible photoshop skills.


  1. I really like the Ruffian collection - very wearable! I'd never heard of them before. I also crave Chanel... and the Chloe cardigan would be totally appropriate with a shirt underneath (of course, affording such a beauty on a teacher's salary is a little different... but we may dare to dream!)

  2. thank you very much, honey :)

    oooh I adore that monochrome chanel dress - yummy!

    and your photoshop skills are pretty good! mine are awful haha.

    have a great week!


  3. I love the United Bamboo collection. Your descriptions made me laugh and, honestly, your photoshop skills are much better than mine. Resisting the urge to spend all of my time on style.com...



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