Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's love songs

valentines day

So Valentines Day is tomorrow! I don't really have any specific plans, I'm going to make some Macaroons and maybe have an indoors picnic with Scott, but I think Valentines day is just a nice day to dedicate some time to your loved one! You don't need extravagant presents or gestures, just enjoy the time you have together! I was listening to The Lucksmiths the other day and I thought how lovely Sunlight in a Jar was, so I decided to share some lovely love songs with you. They are not typical, soppy love songs, but may help you find the words to say what you want to your object of desire!

The Lucksmiths - Sunlight in a jar
Can't quite find the words to describe your amour? Neither can The Lucksmiths, but they manage to make this lovely song about it.
Complex, completely credible love
The kind that is made not handed to you from above
Is difficult to talk about and harder to write
Like the rhythm of a pulse, or the contours of firelight

Belle & Sebastian - If you find yourself caught in love
This is a song to be grateful about the love in our life!
If you find yourself caught in love
Say a prayer to the man above
Thank him for everything you know
You should thank him for every breath you blow

Stars - What I'm trying to say
I am trying to say
What I want to say
Without having to say
"I love you"

This is for basically telling someone you like them but don't looooove them. It can be quite difficult to say 'I like you' so let Stars help you!

Pelle Carlberg - I Love you, you imbecile
I love this song - it's very cheery and is about loving someone despite all their imperfections! Most lovesongs are a bit OTT, portraying an unrealistic view of love where the significant other they're singing about is just perrrrrfect - but we all know this isn't true. But that's why we love who we do!

I love the way you talk
I love the way you stalk
me with your mobile phone
I love the way you smile
The way you're juvenile
I love the way you moan

And one last one for people suffering from unrequited love...because we all know how hard valentines day can be!

The Smiths - I want the one I can't have
I want the one I can't have
And it's driving me mad
It's written all over my face
Trust Morrissey to sum it all up so succintly.

Hope you all have a lovely day whether you're single or not - it's just an excuse to have lots of chocolates really!


  1. Great post! I downloaded all the songs.

    Personally, I don't really like Valentines. I believe you don't need a special day to tell your loved ones what you feel for them, you should do it everyday. So for me it's going to be just like any other day...
    Anyways, if my boyfriend buys me some chocolates, for instance, I won't say no ^^


  2. Ooh excellent choice, I love all of these bands. My favourite love song at the moment is "Twenty Two" by The Lucksmiths, but it's more appropriate for birthdays than for Valentines...

  3. thanks you honey :)
    aw hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely valentines day!
    I plan to spend it with my friends - they're my valentines!!


  4. Ugh, I adore The Lucksmiths! They are too ridiculously darling. All the other music is excellent, too, but I have a certain, inexplicable, undying fondness for The Lucksmiths.

  5. I love those pictures. Unfortunately, for my friends, Valentine's is a several-day affair, so I've eaten way too many sweets already.

  6. For chocolate lovers, try chocolate truffes with chocolate, cream, butter, ginger and cocoa and sesame to roll the truffes in. The recipe is here (in French)

  7. I never think of lovey songs around Valentine's Day — I'm usually too preoccupied with cupcakes like the lovely ones you featured below! But this made me want to go itunes shopping, so yay!
    And I adore your blog oh so much! It is really refreshing, your photos and outfits are wondrous, and I love the way you write. Amazing.

  8. i love belle and sebastian. and those cute valentines pictures! the one on the bottom right is my favourite!!

  9. love all of the valentines things! <3

  10. lovely images and songs! i've actually eaten more than half of the chocolate i bought for my boyfriend, oops ;)

  11. I just have to say, you have awesome taste in music :)
    And good dress sense to boot! x
    I hope you enjoyed your indoor picnic!



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