Friday, 20 November 2009


It's a rollover! Yes, there was no 'starred' last week so this is a double helping of delicious treats, fresh from my Google Reader.


Calivintage is fast becoming one of my favourite fashion blogs. Can you believe I've only just subscribed? She is the cutest thing. This was one of my favourite recent outfits, the blouse is just too lovely.

Yes, I appear to be obsessed with book art. These wreaths made from pages of old books are just too pretty! They would be lovely for christmas decorated with some glitter and festive baubles. Found via Apartment Therapy.


When I found out about Hygge, thanks to Harriet, I fell in love! I was so glad there was a word for making yourself all cosy in the winter and making the most of the shorter days. It's a Danish concept but I think even here in England we can all do with a bit of Hygge. It gets dark here at about 4pm now, and you even need the lights switched on from about 2pm, which gets so dreary and depressing, but if we try to bring a little Hygge into our life we can enjoy it more! Harriet lists some wonderful ideas, including long hot baths, baking cookies for friends and lighting candles.

Absolutely beautiful art installation by Shane Waltener, found via Pia Jane Bijkerk.

I am so jealous of Chelsea's super cute Swedish holiday cottage! I love the brightness of it and how fresh it looks. I really do love scandinavian style.

packfor paris
Illustrated guide for what to pack to Paris. Stylish and practical! I have the same conundrum with shoes and always end up packing far too much and never end up wearing the party shoes that I take with me haha. Found via The Paris Blog, which makes me swoon over Paris everyday.

I really loved this girl's huge oversized cardigan, especially how colourful it was. Then, I spotted this rather similar version on Miss Selfridge! However, at £60 I think it's a bit overpriced so the search for a great oversized cardigan continues...

Sesame Street turns 40 and Bakerella celebrates with cake pops of course! How adorable are these at all? I loved Sesame Street growing up and so do most people I know, so I was really confused to see this article, claiming that Britain 'fell out' with Sesame Street and got bored of it. How can you get bored of it?! It's amazing! The fact it's still going today shows how amazing it is. Did you love Sesame Street growing up? I have fond memories of going home from nursery school to my Nana & Grandad's to watch Sesame Street.

I loved this post by Bug, of In Bug's Drawers. She demonstrates 3 different and interesting ways to wear cardigans. I love cardigans and pretty much wear one every single day, but it is usually just lazily draped over me. I need to start experimenting! This has definitely inspired me. I think buttoned up was my favourite, but they also look very cute tucked in.

A self-stirring tea cup!! Perfect for when you get those horrible bits of dregs at the bottom or ensuring there is no sugary-tea syrup mush at the bottom of your cup. However, as Bobby points out, it's only a matter of time before someone swallows that ball, plus it has no handle which is bad for hot drinks. Nice idea, could be better executed.

outdoor library
An outdoor library!!! I love this idea. Not sure how well it would work in England really, with all the rain and stuff. This library in Magdeburg, Germany, was originally an experiment but the locals loved it so much they made it their own. Found via That Unreliable Girl.

This weekend I think is going to be spent mostly working and catching up on uni work - a bit less exciting than the past 2 weekends but hey. Happy Thanksgiving to all your Americans out there too! Have a slice of pumpkin pie for me. Hope you all have a great weekend, anyone up to anything more exciting than me? Ha.


  1. Cute stuff. :) LOVE it.
    Nice blog!

  2. oh everything is so lovely, thankyou for the inspiration! ♥

  3. Aah that first picture is so adorable! I love the outfit :)

  4. I really enjoyed this post - it's so full of nice things! The packing for paris illustration is wonderful, and I'm definitely going to read the Paris Blog! I love the Miss Selfridge cardigan too. Stuff like that is generally pretty easy to find at thrift shops, so I hope you track one down that you like!

  5. lol do you really think that we could have an outside libary in britain?? rains not the problem, it would be idiotic people like chavs who would wreck it!! :/ Idont mean to be negative lol i do like your blog :D

  6. I love Bakerella and Sesame Street! It's definitely a show I have fond memories of :)

  7. What a fun post! I love those Sesame Street pops!!

  8. i love these! i have opened all these links, and i am looking forward to the hours of enjoyment the new blogs will bring me! thanks for spreading the love around :)
    happy friday!
    xo meg

  9. Oh my goodness! The doily art is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. i love everything you featured. The sesame street cake pops are so cute! But i don't think i'd have the heart to bite on Elmo's face haha.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who likes playing tourist on a city i first visited :).

  11. love calivintage! great pics too! :)

  12. Love your blog. I'm now following you.

  13. Ooh wow, thanks for featuring me! I will definitely be checking out the rest of those links as well, the self stirring teacup looks just like some of the things I used to use in chemistry class for stirring chemicals, how strange to see them in such a different context!

  14. great inspiration, i'm reading the cardigan post right now!
    our english teacher made us translate a paragraph from and english economy newspaper and i think itwas really hard, because although i knew what the text was about and could understand it, i have never heard of the german translation for some of the words..economy is one of the topics we have to discuss, the others are the school system in gb and the usa or immigrants etc

  15. Love that cardigan. Have been a fan of calivintage for a while - she's fab!

  16. Thanks so much for listing me! Fantastic pics! I'm off to Hygge now...

  17. Cute blog! So much to see and adore in this post!

  18. I love your starred posts because I'm a fellow starrer of all things awesome.

  19. That wreath is fantastic and I'm hooked on Calivintage as well.

  20. so inspiring <3

  21. The girl's cardigan is by Motel. It's still quite pricey at £65, but maybe wait until sales (or look in vintage stores)? Thanks for sharing the Paris Packing quite, so cute!

  22. Oooh that wreath is to die for! I love the idea of sharing Starred items too, my little Reader is overflowing with goodness (now including this post!)

    As for the outdoor library...would an umbrella and a few layers of coats cut it? I imagine sitting outside with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book to be quite enticing..though I've never experienced the stereotypical miserable English weather...when I was there a few years ago, it was gorgeous weather all month! Well, except the day I went to Brighton of course!

    xx Kit

  23. I love these starred posts! You round up the best of the inspiration for me. that packing for Paris is fantastic. And an outdoor library! eep, fantastic beyond words.

  24. LOVE the book wreaths!! This was a great post, discovered so many neat things. Glad you like my post, those pics inspired me too. Thanks for the mention dear :)

  25. I was never a fan of Sesame Street - I think it's because I don't like puppets and humans together somehow?

    Love, love, love the book wreath, I wonder how they're made?

  26. Hey that outdoor library is way tooo cool! I'll "star" that in my head. I'm thinking of putting up a coffe shop and that outdoor library would be a great feature!!! Eeeek!

    I agree with you on that outfit photo of Calivintage. The blouse, the tights, the shoes, everything = awesome!!!

  27. Great list. I love the lace web, so beautiful.

  28. ohh i love the book wreath, I HAVE to make one..just need to find a foam wreath..x

  29. i've just discovered so many amazing things with your post!
    calivintage was one of my first blog finds, she's utterly amazing.
    and omg sesame street. i was totally hooked on that when I was little, I even got a vinyl record of the songs from the show. recond that i still listen to nowadays and "awww" to.

    (ow, btw, about your comment, dental students have to practise on someting before people. so we do everything on a dummy's fake teeth so we know what we're doing before we do it on real people. and to be honest, im glad we do, cause we all mess up alot in the begginig. but im about to go to real people now, so wish me (and the patients!) luck! >_<)

  30. Cute stuff! i really enjoyed this post <3



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