Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Another Place

crosby beach

crosby beach

crosby beach

I've had a rather lovely bank holiday weekend. Out on Saturday night, friend's party on Sunday night, picnic on Monday and yesterday I went to Crosby Beach with Scott to see Another Place by Anthony Gormley. There are 100 identical cast iron figures scattered about on Crosby Beach. Some are sometimes totally submerged underwater as the tide comes in. As you can see from my photos, the tide was really far in so we could only see a few. Other times, you can walk alongside them and sometimes people even dress them up in old clothes! I really love them, I've been to see them a few times. It was unbelievably windy but luckily I had my heart shaped sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sand (the beach has very soft sand that blows everywhere!).

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Always & Never

I have finished Uni now! I will probably never have to do another exam in my life. Now I am relaxing and job hunting. Unfortunately there aren't many jobs out there and the ones that I would like all require years of experience, so I may have to start searching for internships instead, and carry on working part time in the Cafe.

Anyway, I was tagged by Kater of All This Happiness to choose 5 style Always and Nevers. It was quite difficult but also made me realise how 'untrendy' I am really! Some of my 'nevers' may shock people, because they are so trendy, but they're just not for me.

1. Red Lipstick. I read in Glamour magazine this month, a quote from Audrey Tatou which said 'I like make up, but it's always discreet. Just a bit of lipstick and that's about all'. This sums up my approach to make up completely. You can forget about fancy eyeshadows and mascara, all I need is a bit of red lipstick and some blusher and I feel instantly made up and smart. Too much make up can make me feel over done and uncomfortable, but red lipstick makes me feel instantly sophisticated. My favourite is Chanel Rouge Allure in Audace, but my everyday one is just a cheap Collection 2000 one. 
2. Red ballet flats. I always have to have some red ballet flats. They go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and are so comfortable for walking in. My most recent ones are these Jones The Bootmakers ones, I love the shape of them with a slightly pointed toe. They make a simple boring outfit of just black jeans and a t-shirt feel more feminine than say, Converse, but are just as comfortable.
3. Polka dots. I've always loved polka dots. I have 3 polka dot skirts and a few polka dot dresses. I think it's such a fun patten yet can still seem sophisticated. 
4. Bows. Not just hair bows, but any bows. For some reason I am drawn to them. I love dresses that have wrap around belts to tie in bows, bow necklaces, bow hairclips and bow brooches. They are playful yet feminine I think.
5. BIG BAGS! I love this Miu Miu bag but of course could never afford it...not yet anyway. But large bags are a must for lugging around all my essentials: umberella, camera, books, moleskine, few bits of make up, big purse, etc. Even when I go on nights out and people use itty bitty clutches, I can't.
Never by afeitar featuring UGG Australia Boots
1. Ugg boots. I know a lot of people are very anti-ugg boot and it probably isn't a surprise to you that I am too. Okay, they're comfy. Okay, they're warm. I get it. But they are UGLY. My leather topshop boots are just as warm and comfy, plus they don't get soggy either. Bonus. 
2. Bodycon. Probably because of my muffin (or cupcake?) top. My tummy is my least favourite part of my body so the thought of me in bodycon dresses makes me feel very uncomfortable! I like it on other people (ie. stick insects with flat tummys), because it does look very sexy and classic, but on myself? I think I'll pass thanks. I'm all for showing off my curves but not my lumps and bumps too!
3.Gladiator sandals. Like bodycon, I can appreciate these on others but they just wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe. I'd rather have a classic sandal shape or flip flops. 
4. Tacky logo t-shirts. No, I will not kiss you quick. I don't care to know that you can hear voices. They all make me cringe, especially ones that profess how sexy you are - when infact you're not, you're just arrogant. I probably have worn these, when I was about 13, but once you get past a certain age they're no longer funny.
5. Wet look leggings. Okay, maybe they look alright on the Olsens, but whenever I've seen people in real life wearing them, they all look terrible. I would never wear them - they bunch up at the knees and sag and just look very cheap. Plus, they must be very, very uncomfortable. And sweaty.

Friday, 8 May 2009


new skirt

new skirt

I haven't done an outfit post for a while and really it's because my outfits have been more practical than pretty lately. I've had so much uni work to do it's just been a case of grabbing whatever is nearest and suits the weather outside. May has so far been a wash out in England, but I hope it gets warmer so I can stop wearing my tights!

Anyway, today I decided I would stop moping about (dressing scruffily generally makes me feel worse, but I dress scruffy because I feel mopey..a viscious circle!). I received this lovely blue skirt from Topshop last friday and had not yet had the opportunity to wear it. Today I had to finish off my essay so I thought I would dress for the occassion. The skirt is from the Barbara Hulanicki range and was about the only thing I really liked it from it, to be honest. The rest of it is too 'hippy' for me really. This is wonderful though and I can see it will fit into my wardrobe perfectly. I love the button detailing, the high waist and the way it swishes when I walk.

new vintage necklace

I should have worn this necklace with it really! I bought this from the etsy shop Shabby Shack Shop and I adore it. The chain is a bit short but other than that I love it. It's perfect and elegant and also really shiny.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Abercromby square

Abercromby square

So, my 'roid week has been interrupted by essays, dissertations and unsuccessful interviews. I did manage to snap these 2, in one of my favourite places in Uni, Abercromby Square. The ugly brown building in the background in my library, where I do not spend nearly enough time really. Talking of libraries, I've been meaning to join my local library since I will be finishing Uni soon and will have no access to their library anymore and plus the university library is mostly academic. I hope to read lots and lots whilst I am unemployed and searching for a job after graduation.

Monday, 4 May 2009

'Roid week 2009





Thanks to Diana, I found out that this week is 'Roid Week over on Flickr! What better excuse to crack out some of your old stashed away film and take some snaps? I'm certainly going to get out my camera this week and submit some photos to the Flickr group. Above are some of my old polaroids, but only new ones taken this week can be a part of 'Roid Week, so I better get snapping!


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