Monday, 31 August 2009

moo cows

rhubarb and custard, and cherry crumble ice cream

pygmy goat!

Last week me and Scott visited the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. I had a scoop of rhubarb and custard and a scoop of cherry crumble, it was so delicious! They also had a little animals corner there, my favourites were the pygmy goats. I really want one when I'm older, maybe two so they don't get lonely, they can mow the lawn for me! My pretty floral dress above has been a favourite of mine throughout the summer, it was from Asos in the sale. However, now I feel autumn is in the air and I'm lusting over winter clothes!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today I went all the way to Betty's with my parents and grandparents. This is like a 2 hour drive away but we all agreed it was really worth it (I get my love of food from my family!). For those of you who don't know, Betty's is a very traditional English tea room with cafes only in Yorkshire. The owner apparently refused to open any outside of Yorkshire and I totally agree with him! It makes it so much more special, rather than a chain everywhere.

Betty's, Harrogate

It was a really sunny day for a change when we arrived there. Betty's is so popular that you have to queue for a table (it is especially popular with tourists and daytrippers, like we were!). When we got seated, I decided to go for the traditional afternoon tea, which consists of 2 small sandwiches, 1 scone with jam and clotted cream, a pot of tea and a selection of miniature cakes (these were a lemon macaroon, summer fruit tarts and coffee-chocolate mousse cake today). Delicious.

Betty's, Harrogate

Betty's, Harrogate

Betty's, Harrogate

Delicious. Nom nom nom. I couldn't eat it all though so I brought the summer fruit tart home with me and ate it before. Betty's also has a little shop that sells all of their goodies, such as the fat rascals (scone-y, rock cake-y buns), macaroons (almost as good as laduree's!), yorkshire curd tarts (my Dad's favourite) and loose leaf tea and coffee beans. I came home with a fat rascal and two packets of loose leaf teas, an expensive and exclusive white tea and a 'good luck' green tea. Doesn't their shop window look so inviting and delicious?

Betty's, Harrogate

Betty's, Harrogate

Monday, 10 August 2009

And the winner is...

Apologies for the delays in choosing and announcing the winner, but thank you to everyone who entered! I have been super busy working lots at my part time job (13 1/2 hour shifts anyone?) and also searching for proper jobs and stuff.

vanilla cupcakes

I did have time however to make these cupcakes for my Auntie's birthday, they look rather professional don't you think? I am getting the piping technique just right! I have got a few lovely days off work, so my plans for this week include:

  • Going to Harrogate with my parents and grandparents to visit Betty's Tea Rooms!
  • Picking blackberries to make into jam and ice cream.
  • Visiting a farmer's market where Valentine Warner is making an appearance.
  • Drinking tea from my new tea set. I loooove it! It looks even better in real life too, I shall probably take some photos of it soon.


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