Thursday, 31 December 2009

Farewell 2009, hello 2010

My 2009

I hope 2009 has been fabulous for you all. I think we can all agree however that 2010 will be indefinitely better! 2009 has been such a busy year for me - graduating, turning 21 and finally figuring out what I want to do with my life. Here's a quick recap of what 2009 was to me -

January - Wearing my new favourite hat. Studying hard in the library for exams. Starting my final semester at Uni. Trying to think of grand ideas for my future.

February - Snow! Being snowed in and unable to get to uni. Reading lots of American fiction. Eyeing up the fall-winter collections on

March - Welcoming spring. Getting the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook (my kitchen has never been the same since). Celebrating my Grandad's 85th birthday with a teaparty. Watching Scott run the Liverpool Half Marathon.

April - Busy busy with lots of Uni work. Celebrating Easter with chocolate eggs, beetroot cake and nest cupcakes. Having my haircut short and then regretting it.

May - Finishing Uni!! Enjoying the start of summer. Visiting Crosby beach. Enjoying the Bank Holiday monday in Sefton Park.

June - Visiting my friend Emma in York. Betty's macaroons. Did work experience in a school and realised I did not want to be a teacher at all. Ever.

July - Such a busy month! Always my favourite month though. Turned 21. Graduated from University with a 2:1 in English Literature & Language. Visited Paris with Scott. Picked strawberries. Hosted my first giveaway and had my first blog birthday too.

August - Visited Harrogate with my family and had afternoon tea at Betty's. Went to the local ice cream farm and saw cute pygmy goats. Applied for my Librarianship masters and got accepted.

September - Started uni again. Quiet month - back to school. Baked a fair amount of cupcakes.

October - Visited the pumpin farm twice. Carved said pumpkins and also made lots of pumpkin soup. Experimented with the primrose bakery cookbook but returned to the Hummingbird. Celebrated autumn.

November - Visited London to see my friend Emma. Good Food Show. Portobello Road. Hummingbird Bakery. Lost in Nottinghill. Visited Bath and started to feel christmassy.

December - Such a busy month. Uni deadlines. Too much uni work. Christmassy cupcakes.

How has 2009 been for you? I am hoping that in 2010 I will finally start my career and have more spare time. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Wow, it's been over 2 weeks with no post. I think that is the longest time I've gone without posting ever. Let's just say that doing a Master's and working in a theatre where Panto season has just started = madness. I have 5000 words due in on 4th January and I've also been working lots, serving ice cream and fizzy drinks to screaming kids. To be honest, it is only just starting to feel like christmas to me now. I have my little tree up and it's also snowing (slightly) outside. People are off work now and the house is stocked full of lovely food.

Of course, I haven't been too busy to bake some festive cupcakes.

christmas cupcakes

christmas cupcakes

I'm going to try to start catching up with your lovely blogs also and maybe squeeze in a few festive outfit posts too. Hope you are all well <3

Monday, 7 December 2009


Apologies for disappearing for over a week, unannounced. Uni work got a little mad, combined with my few days of illness and trip to Bath, I had a fair bit of catching up to do. So I decided to take a break from the blog to focus on my work.

However, now that I've finished my modules for this semester, I am beginning to feel rather festive! Tonight I'm going to bake some festive cupcakes and maybe put up my little tree in my room. I had a lovely time in Bath too, despite the horrible wet weather. The christmas market was lovely, there were carol singers, mulled wine and lots of pretty christmas lights.

on the steps of our house
wearing: hat - helene berman, coat - topshop petites, skirt - h&m, tights - tabio, shoes - primark, bag - h&m
We stayed in an amazing Georgian house. It was a huge school house, converted into 3 holiday homes. I loved the steps and the windows. Oh how I love Georgian architecture.

bath christmas market

merry go round


The Christmas market had the most beautiful backdrop of the Roman baths and Bath abbey. The whole city is the perfect backdrop to a short christmas break. There are so many fantastic independent shops, but my two favourite shops in the whole of Bath are Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights and Gillards Tea & Coffee. I can't go to Bath without visiting either. I love supporting independent shops. Visiting Mr B's feels so much more personal and heartwarming than visiting a branch of Waterstones.


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