Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What's in my bag?


I have returned to Uni now and the difference between my work placement and Uni is huge. I really can't wait to enter the world of work. I found it quite hard having to concentrate from 10-4. I don't think I deal well with just being talked to for hours. I got my results back from last semester though and I have improved as the year has gone on so this motivates me to try to do well this semester. I decided to get an early night on Sunday night and pack my bag (an old Sunday evening routine for as long as I can remember/have been in education). The above is what I packed in my bag for my first day back at Uni.
  • Yellow leather gloves - because Liverpool can be very cold.
  • Celia Birtwell flask for coffee.
  • Red pocket moleskine diary for writing in my homework and assignments.
  • A clockwork orange - essential to have a book for the train journey.
  • New notepad!
  • House & car keys.
  • Cath Kidston pencil case
  • Cath Kidston purse
  • Miss Dior Cherie L'eau perfume
  • Vaseline rosy lips & bodyshop lipbalm
  • Hairbrush
  • Cath Kidston rail card holder.
  • USB stick
  • Phone
What are your essentials for work or Uni? I also realised that I really need to pack tissues in my bag after the coffee dripping down the flask and getting other things in my bag a mess! And also headache tablets, because I am so prone to them, especially when trying to concentrate for so long.


  1. Hand sanitizer is a must for me! Even with gloves, I fear germs. I think it's an American thing :)

    I love your items- it shows you are prepared!

  2. I need to get myself one of those railcard holders! I never leave the house without my ipod

  3. Your bag contents are so pretty, bright and cheery!!!! Mine are so dull in comparison.

  4. I have the same Moleskine diary. Don't you think it's just the perfect size to carry about and use?

  5. I'm reading A Clockwork Orange at the moment too :) I have the same diary aswell, though mine's black.

    My bag's usually just full of textbooks and pens, though I do always carry lipbalm, my iPod, headache pills, water and a couple of hot packs - they're a winter necessity! I seem to have quite a collection of old receipts in there too.

  6. Awh your bag is so neat and pretty! :)

  7. What lovely colourful contents! I can never find anything in my bag since there are always far too many things I don't need in there! Old train tickets, elastic bands, buttons...yet I still managed to forget my purse today!


  8. Such gorgeous Cath Kidston bits and bobs!

    I carry my entire life around in my bag. Umbrella, 5 lip balms, hair brush, 3 notepads... and I'm a mess without any of this stuff! :)

  9. I love that vaseline rosy lips! :)

    I never ever leave the house without my ipod, I commute 1.5 hrs to and from work every day so would go crazy without it!

  10. Your bag contents are so pretty and bright! I'm reading A Clockwork Orange, too. :)

  11. My bag is an abyss, I just empty the contents from one to another!

    Always my purse, phone, a pen,pack of tissues, notebook or diary, eyeliner, lip pencil and foundation (i need to get one of the Bare Escentuals refillable brushes).

    There is usually sweets for child emergency!

  12. Lovely bag contents! Just what I would choose myself. I love having my bag organized as well, so this post really 'speaks' to me!

  13. I love posts like these! I might do one on my own blog if you don't mind...

    I've been following your blog for a while, and I love it! I just added you to my link list.

  14. Clockwork Orange was my favorite book for years. I had the privilege of reading it before I saw the movie which is really the best way to do it--having no prior experience with the language. I'll never forget reading that first page for the first time. I must have re-read 5 times thinking, WTF is going on here? It was so amazing and fun to learn the language while reading the book, finally figuring out meanings through context. Burgess is a total genius for that, not to mention the whole mind fuck of rooting for a despicable protagonist.

  15. I love that everything in your bag is semi-coordinated, color-wise! How cute! :D

    My essentials would be my ipod, fruity mints, my Beatles journal, and my Starbucks money. :)


  16. Oh you have wonderful items in your bag! But it must be so heavy to carry! I'm quite useless at carrying heavy bags so I only have my essentials such as purse, handphone, keys, some lipstick and my name cards with me:P

    I must read that book!

  17. You have such a adorable aesthetically pleasing things in there! I love the pattern of your thermos, and your wonderful cherry red molskine (I've never seen one that color!)

  18. I love your bag, all the Cath Kidson accessories are very cute, and look great together. This is my favourite type of post (the nosy ones where you get to learn a bit more about someone!) I think I'm gonna do one now too! xx

  19. You always have such lovely things! I actually try and carry as few things as possible. I prefer to travel light. Most of the time it's just keys, wallet, phone, and one three section notebook. However I do try and remember to bring my camera around.

  20. Everything in your bag is so lovely! When I did mine, half of the contents were tissues and receipts! x

  21. love this, I need to do a post like this soon!
    the color of your gloves is gorgeous!

    lovelove, M.

  22. Everything is so cute! Somehow my bag never looks so sweet and organized... which is strange, because I am OCD when it comes to tidiness! lol :)

    ♥ Aya

  23. I hope you have a great semester! I love your bag's contents. I wish mine looked this tidy and cute.


  24. your coffee flask is super pretty :)

  25. i love these posts! i must be so nosy but i just love seeing what other people carry around!

  26. I really am going to do this! fun

  27. My pencil case with is actually a make-up bag shaped like a postcard. In that I always make sure I carry my fountain pen with spare pink ink cartridges as well as my usual black biros, my Clinique Superbalm lipgloss and my MAC lipstick.

    I also make sure my ipod and headphones are in my bag, by brown suede gloves, black moleskine notebook for ideas and my black molskine diary to write down all my homework assignments!



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