Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My make-up essentials

I have a very streamlined make up bag. (Well, maybe more than some people but less than most I think!). I don't wear make up everyday, because as a teenager I had bad acne and the dermatologist drummed it into me not to wear make up everyday and I really do think it's good to give your skin a break. Some days I just wear a bit of lipstick, some days nothing. I think it's partly because I can be lazy too! I'd rather spend an extra 10 minutes in bed than applying make up. Still, in the past 2 years or so I have become more interested in make up than usual (especially lipsticks!). These are my make up essentials.

my make up essentials - face
Bourjois blusher in Rose ambdre
Clinique superfit make up in neutral
Clinique almost powder in neutral
Benefit some kind-a gorgeous
Marks & Spencer foundation & powder brushes

I've always used clinique foundation, mainly because my Mum does also. It may seem pricey but I think they do some really good products for different skin types and this super-fit make up is oil-free and long wear so suits me really well! I use a little bit of powder over it just to make it set. On really lazy days, I just wipe a bit of the benefit some kind-a gorgeous over my face to even my complexion slightly and it works wonders considering how little I use. It's good for days when I want light coverage too. I've always used bourjois blusher so I can't really compare it to anything, but it lasts ages and also smells nice!

L-R Mac lipstick in spice is nice
Mac lipstick in satin brave
Mac lipstick in amplified brick-o-la
Collection 2000 Colour extreme in sultry
Chanel Rouge Allure in audace

I love lipsticks. They really make me feel like a lady. I still use lipglosses and balms, but to me some of them can be sticky and gloopy and bleh. I also hate it when your hair blows everywhere and gets stuck in your lipgloss - not a sexy look at all. My favourite everyday lipstick is the Mac Brave. It is a lovely pink shade. I wore it for my sister's wedding and it gives just enough colour but not too much. My other favourite is the Chanel, but I reserve that for special occassions.

Eye stuff
Benefit badgal waterproof mascara in black
Mac eye kohl in smoulder
Clinique lash power mascara in black onyx
No7 stayperfect eyeshadow palette in twilight

I don't really use much eye make up. Most days nothing. Sometimes just a smidgen of eye-liner and a brush of mascara. I always think sometimes that when you wear a bold lipstick, eye make up just looks too much at the same time. Plus, I have very small eyelids (thanks to my father) so eye-shadow is never visible! I have to say I think that the benefit mascara is a bit disappointing. A bit gloopy for me. The clinique stuff was a sample I received from one of their bonus times and it is definitely better. Lancome Hypnose mascara is also very good, because my sister has that, so I think when I finish with the benefit I will either get some clinique or lancome. Do you have any recommendations for me?

What do you keep in your make-up bag? Is it a huge collection or just a group of essentials like mine? What make up items could you NOT live without?! Oh and my make up bag is Cath Kidston (of course). It's the perfect size for my modest collection


  1. SO much like mine! Cath Kidson bag, Clinique & Benifit all the way with M.A.C lipsticks and eyeliner! We even use almost the same products!

  2. I absolutely love posts like this!

    I've put the Benefit foundation on my wishlist as I've been looking for a nice, quick, subtle look foundation to put on quickly. I also adore that Chanel lipstick!

    I agree that big eyes and red lips is too much, but if you are looking for a mascara I only use L'Oreal:

    I've tried everything from Clarins to The Body Shop and nothing comes close to this. It's got a lovely satin quality and an intense look (I hate watery, weedy mascaras) and it does make your lashes PING! I wouldn't say it's a subtle thing though, but maybe just a dab would achieve a subtle look.

  3. A Cath Kidston makeup bag is on my wishlist, I want the classic rose design one!
    I'd recommend either YSL Faux Cils or Lancome Hypnose, I did a huge mascara comparison on my blog if you want to have a look here

  4. i have a makeup bag that i put to use maybe once a week. i grew up between all the boys, and so never really learned much about makeup...i can't even tell you what everything is called in my bag. i've got mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lots of red lipstick.
    fun post!

  5. I don't like Badgal mascara either and I prefer Lancome mascaras over any other high end brand

  6. believe it or not, i don't have any lipstick!! i am in the lookout for a nice pink or a nice red at the moment, though :p

    and i can't live without my ysl concealer :p and my shu eumera mascara. and my nars blush of course!

    i think you might have inspired me to do a make up bag essentials!

    thanks for sharing this.

  7. Oh I love your collection of lipsticks! I do adore that pink lipstick you're raving about, maybe I should get one too! Anyway, I loved reading your makeup post:)

  8. Interesting post Helen. I'm more like you and don't have that much make up. Plus I always use exactly the same stuff.

    My new favourite is bourjois illuminating touch. I use it instead of blusher and I'm often told that I sparkle when I wear it! I don't use liquid make up, just Benefit concealer and bourjois pressed power (just changed from clinique, love them both). My absolute favourite mascara is Clinique high definition lashes.

    My eye make up is cheap and from H&M or whatever I can get my hands on. I think my current eyeliner (always black) is Max Factor. I tend to wear brown eyeshadow (if I'm working) or grey/black. Because of this, I rarely wear lipstick, but when I do it's one called Hollywood red. It's the right amount of red, otherwise I feel like a kid playing with my mum's make up.

  9. Glad to see that someone else as a magic up bag as empty as mine. I've never been one to lose loads of make up - i'm just a foundation, eyeliner and mascara kind of a girl - which suits me just fine. I'd rather, like yourself have them extra few minutes in bed. I've found that having a good cleansing and toning routine on an evening helps your skin as much as having a good foundation.

  10. Bad gal lash is a must for me, I have been using it for years and now any time I see a regular sized mascara brush I think they're so small!

    Love Mac lipsticks too, my favorite is russian red.

  11. I'm so envious of your gorgeously paired down kit! I'd love to get away with this amount of makeup, but unfortunately I need the full works!

    I'm also very fickle, so my makeup bag is full of half used, unloved products. Must try harder!

  12. Oh I LOVE reading these :)

    I recommend Lancome L'Extreme mascara – it is by far the best I have ever used.

  13. My fave makeup ever is Clinique Almost Powder.
    I absolutely love your make up bags!!

  14. Posts like this are so much fun! My makeup bag is pretty basic - like you, I don't wear much makeup, and don't even wear it every day. My bag contains black liquid eyeliner, black mascara, two shades of blush, concealer (for my stupid under eye shadows!) and a few different shades of red lipstick.
    Normally when I wear makeup, I just wear my liquid eyeliner and mascara, and almond oil lipbalm from Etsy. Quick and simple, but it works. :)

  15. I love Hypnose mascara - but it's a devil to remove. The Lancome Bifacil eye make remover does the job though.

    I have acne and have found that Bare Minerals powder is amazing. I'd definitely recommend that.


  16. i wear mascara and a dash of blush. or i just keep it fresh faced.

  17. Great post! I've been wanting to try Some Kind-A Gorgeous for a while, but I was unsure if it was worth the money. But if you recommend it, I just might give it a try! :)

    I have a ridiculous makeup collection, mostly of eyeshadows and lipsticks, but my absolute essentials are my vanilla cream eyeshadow, liquid liner, luminizer, pink blush, and red or berry lipstick.

  18. Haha your makeup bag is adorable! I have too much stuff in my makeup bag, and I don't even wear makeup very often :(

  19. Wow that really is streamlined! Mine is a traincase full of chaos!

  20. Oh, my makeup bag is fairly streamlined, as well. Just mascara, under-eye concealer, and liquid eyeliner. Though I must warn you...I carry more than six tubes of lipgloss with me wherever I go. So sad, I know!! I'm all about big eyes and nude lips! :)

  21. I love this post. The pictures are all gorgeous. I'm a big fan of lipstick myself, I just feel so much more put together when I wear it (I'm a pink girl myself, haven't figured out how to pull off red.

  22. lovely post. thanks for sharing, miss. x

  23. I use the same foundation and powder :) Must get myself a MAC lipstick one of these days. I usually use maybelline's lipstick where you paint the colour on, let it dry and apply a protective clear coating. Lipstick stays on all day!

  24. Lovely post! You’re completely opposite to me though. I never wear lipstick – I am planning a post about how red lipstick is my white whale, I just cannot find one to suit me and am starting to think that I just do not suit lipstick at all – but I never leave the house without eyemakeup on. Eyeliner is my makeup essential. I have dozens! And there’s no way I could keep all my makeup in a little bag like that – mine lives in a wooden jewellery box/chest with drawers and everything! (In fact, the other day I was complaining that my eyeliner drawer was stuck, and my friend thought I meant I had an entire full-sized drawer full of eyeliners. But they’re only little drawers.)

    I’m looking for a new foundation and might try Clinique – I do like Some Kinda Gorgeous (it feels lush on the skin!) but it didn’t really give me enough coverage. I was also disappointed by Bad Gal mascara – I had a sample that was a great consistency, but the full sized one was terribly gloopy – and am currently using the bright orange Collection 2000 one which is amazingly good considering the price! I’m coveting the Dior Blackout mascara though.

  25. I'm not a huge makeup user, but I've tried buying some better makeup (treating self after exams.....). I use Benefit Plum mascara, Benefit gold creamy eyeshadow, Benefit Benetint (am seeing a pattern here) Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and I just bought some DiorShow mascara to test out. I'm not a big lipstick user, but I do have a Rouge Allure Chanel lipstick.

    To be completely honest, most days I go without wearing any makeup. It is through laziness!!! But also, if people get used to seeing you without, then they're not shocked when you show up without wearing it.

  26. I'm so lazy about makeup. I really only wear mascara (sometimes) and a bit of concealer. I've always been really fascinated by makeup, but never had much drive to actually use it. You're inspiring me to try some lipstick, though.

  27. oh i'm so glad that i'm not the only lipstick fanatic! today i bought three new lipsticks, and i already had two in my pocket, so for a few ridiculous hours i was wandering around town with five different lipsticks on my person (this is, of course, not counting the other three i had at home and the several ones which i have lost but will probably find sometime in the near future).

    i hardly wear any makeup at all - i don't own any foundation or powder or bronzer or whatever those things are called - but i never, ever, ever step out of the house without lipstick :)

  28. i love seeing inside your make-up bag as much as inside the bag. mac lipstick is the best & i love their recycling programme so you can get them for free

  29. This is like taking a peek into someone's bag... I really think it's interesting! (though hopefully not in a creepy way)

    I wandered over here thanks to Indigo's post, and I have to agree, your photos are lovely! Especially the food ones-- they make my tummy grumble. Which is good-- for you, haha.

  30. My makeup bag is more a makeup drawer...I have way too much for the whole collection to ever be portable. My favorite items are Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol. I and II. My other essentials include:

    -Benefit Dandelion blush (for my pale self)
    -Physicians Formula Organic Black Mascara ($7 USD!)
    -Korres lip glosses (bonus points for being "natural")

  31. After reading your post I decided to buy some of the Benefit foundation!
    I normally wear powder but I liked the idea of using something with a bit more coverage.
    I've never actually used foundation before and I'm 25 so it was quite exciting!



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