Thursday, 22 April 2010





I feel quite safe in saying that spring is finally here now! A few weeks ago, I kept wanting to proclaim it's arrival from the rooftops, but then I was always scared that the mercury would plummet again and I'd have jinxed the good weather. Now that April is nearly over, it feels like Spring is securely here. I love how it stays light so late and I know that my birthday is just around the corner... (it's in July but I get so excited about it!). I've also been making fresh hummus and fresh pesto, spring just makes me love making fresh food and eating healthier.

Things I love to do in Spring:

  • Take photos of cute daffodils. I don't think there are any cuter flowers than daffodils!
  • Mow the lawn. I don't know why, but I've been obsessed with mowing our lawn. I love the fresh cut grass smell and seeing it turn vivid green, but it's also good exercise. 
  • Walk the dogs. 
  • Make fresh food. I've been making fresh home-made burgers, hummus, pesto and of course cakes too. 
  • Have premature BBQs, then rush inside once the sun goes in because it gets too cold to stay outside!
  • Read in the sunshine. 
This weekend I'm going on a day trip on a canal boat for Scott's Mum's birthday, so hopefully I can add that to my list of things I love to do in spring! It will remind me of Rosie & Jim. What do you love to do in Spring? 


  1. Reading in the sunshine, BBQs in the gathering dusk and making fresh food are some of my favourite things about warmer weather. And I ADORE daffs! :)

  2. I love this post! Spring is the most hopeful thing in the world, it makes me so happy. Fresh food and grass (minus pollen) and two of my favourite things too :D

  3. those burgers look amazing, can you make burgers without a grill?

  4. sweet pictures darling! I also love to read in the sunshine!

  5. I adore spring too! Freshly cut grass is one of the most amazing smells :)

  6. I sat in my Mum's garden with a trashy book today, it was lovely!
    I hope you are still planning on doing your icing/frosting tutorial post? Every time I give it a go it ends up looking rubbish haha. Thanks!

  7. spring is just the season to be happy, i think :)

  8. I love spring too, the premature BBQ suggestion sounds very familar! I love being able to sit in beer gardens til late,chatting with only a cardi to cover your shoulders....

  9. Lovely post :)

    Spring is my favourite season by far. I like to wander round looking at spring flowers and blossom trees, start making salads to eat outside, enjoy a spot of afternoon drinking in the sunshine and bust out some of my more summery clothing and sandals.

  10. Wow, the BBQ anecdote sounded far too familiar!! I definitely enjoy seeing everything come to life again; everything and everyone seems so bright and cheery... you can just about sense summer approaching. Yay!


  11. I love daffodils because they always remind of Alice in Wonderland (Disney, not Burton).

    Love Grace.

  12. yay i think spring is here to stay now too! i sat in the park and read my book the other day and it was glorious. cant wait to get out the bbq!

  13. Living in rainy Glasgow, I appreciate every single second of sunshine that comes my way! Eating and drinking al fresco is such a (rare) treat! x.

  14. ah what a lovely list of things to in the spring. i just love the smell of freshly cut grass.

  15. I just love spring! People are happier. I can go outside with a jacket on or bbq with some friends.. Festival season is coming!

  16. I love mini daffodils!
    In Spring I'm all about walking and enjoying not having to wear a big winter coat.



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