Sunday, 12 September 2010


shoes - topshop, dress, h&m, cardigan - zara

shoes - jones, skirt - zara, t-shirt - h&m, cardigan - zara.

nails - models own bluebelle

Well, I haven't updated in a week but I have been busy with work and making cupcakes for a wedding. My friend left to spend 6 months in Brussels as an au pair too so we had a good send off for her. I've also been getting quite excited for going to Center Parcs next weekend for when Scott does the Great North Run, going to Edinburgh in 3 weeks time and then going to Valencia to visit my family again in February! Anyone have any tips for things I need to check out in Edinburgh? 


  1. I loved Edinburgh. You need to check out Prince's Street where all the shops are...I went over New Year's one year and I managed to grab some great bargains in the sales at Topshop & H&M! x

  2. I really like your first look. The checkered dress is so classic but fun-especially with the pop of blue.

    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you. Have a good time in Edinburgh!

    Bea from A plus B

  3. I love Edinburgh!
    You should check out the Camera Obscura, and The Elephant House cafe, where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter! (if you haven't already of course).

  4. Those nails are gorgeous! I am just in love with blue!

  5. I love your nails and that red skirt is perfect!
    If you're in Edinburgh then make sure you check out the Grassmarket, especially Armstrongs- it's like Aladdin's cave! And you should visit Cookie and Pie in the Sky on Cockburn Street too.

  6. sounds like you have some good things to look forward to :-)

  7. Eteaket ( is a great wee tea room. Umm...Leith is good for walks and pubs. If you like the beach take the bus out to North Berwick or Gullane (45 mins) or Portobello also has a nice promenade and isn't as far. Also botanical gardens for a day trip. For shopping I also think grassmarket and princes street is your best bet (Old town in general). I could go on and on. Can you tell I live there?

  8. The old town is Edinburgh is simply wonderful! I fell in love with this city when I went there!
    I love your dress! It's a lovely pattern!

  9. Primary Colours = amazing! Love the nail polish.

    Edinburgh tips:

    1. Someone's already said it but I reiterate, Armstrongs Vintage Clothing in the Grassmarket. It's worth going in just to look at the stuff hanging from the ceiling.

    2. The Veggie Baked Potato Shop at the top of Cockburn (pronounced Coal-Burn!!!) Street. Order a medium potato, with veggie chilli and cheese, you will not be disappointed! And try their delicious vegan cakes!

    3. Victoria Street: The Red Door Art Gallery has loads of awesome bits and bobs. Demijohn (I helped start this business up) is a liquid deli where you can taste locally produced liqueurs and whisky for free! Then buy pretty bottles to take it home in too! And Analogue, the graphic book shop. Loads of ace photography and fashion books.

    4. While in Armstrongs, ask them to point you in the direction of two more nearby awesome vintage stores, Herman Brown and Godiva - both affordable and well worth a visit.

    5. Cameo Cinema on Lothian Rd. The bar is lovely, and there are always ace films on show. Not to mention the cute popcorn buckets!

    6. The GRV - a cool but hard to find underground bar/club in the heart of the city, on Guthrie Street. Check out what's on first though! Their club nights are varied!

    I have plenty more tips if you want them... xx

  10. Oh!

    7. Avalanche Records on Cockburn Street again - great and affordable selection, you often come across a wee bargain! xx

  11. Sounds like you've got lots of exciting plans coming up! Loving both your outfits :)


  12. Blue is such a timeless colour.
    I'm loving your red skirt though. It's so fun and nautical :)

  13. What gorgeous nail varnish!

    You'll have to do a post-Edinburgh blog entry. I'm going next year and would love to see some pics of your visit there :)

  14. i live in edinburgh!

    restaurants i'd recommend:
    dusit (thai) - thistle street
    khushis diner (indian) - west nicholson street
    fishers in the city (all) - thistle street
    the apartment (all) - barclay place
    the outsider (all) - george iv bridge
    centotre (italian) - george street
    the dogs (all) - hanover street

    the voodoo rooms
    cabaret voltaire
    the cumberland
    99 hanover street
    the liquid rooms

    places to visit
    edinburgh castle (natch!)
    edinburgh zoo
    the scottish museum
    the museum of childhood
    john knox house
    mary kings close ghost tour
    the shore
    palace of holyroodhouse
    and just wandering about the old and new town

    have fun x

  15. really cool nailpolish, i like the glitters on top, reminds me of galaxy and stars!

  16. Awesome sparkles. I can't pull of blue nail polish, which is a pity, but I totally love complementary colours. I've read that Edinburgh has some good vintage shopping so have fun!

    A from A + B in the Sea

  17. Blue! A wonderful colour indeed! You look lovely :) And you are coming to Spain in february, lucky you! I wanna go to the UK soon! :)

  18. I'm off to Edinburgh next weekend and planning a major recce of Armstrongs - it's amazing! There are loads of wee bars over the road so my boyfriend can slope off there if need be. Steer clear of Tigerlily on George Street though - I almost died in the summer when it was £14 for two glasses of wine, even though it is a lovely place!

  19. Pretty nail color! Oh and I just looove Edinburgh <3

  20. Wow, both looks are so cute. I really like the first one in particular, it stands out somehow. And the nail polish is gorgeous!

  21. ooh that nailpolish is gorgeous!

  22. Love that second outfit - the high waisted red skirt is just fantastic! x

  23. you are too cute! love the second outfit!!

    p.s. i have a new giveaway i think you'll like!! :)

  24. Gorgeous outfits, I need to wear more blue!
    That nail polish is gorgeous x

  25. I like your gingham dress. :] And your nails are fabulous.

    Making cupcakes for a wedding...sounds big time!

    Hope all is well with you, Helen!


  26. you look absolutely beautiful. i adore your wall full of photos!

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  27. wow that nail polish is amazing!! I may have to invest xx

  28. That blue on your nails is gorj!

  29. Edinburgh: There's a lovely shop on Victoria Street (near Grass Market) called the Red Door Gallery. They have some really nice stuff and stationary supplies in there.

    Moletta Munro on Jeffrey St (off of Royal Mile) has some nice stuff too.

    The Botanic Gardens are always great. The Shore (general area of Edinburgh rather than the name of a bar!) is great for eating and drinking.

    The Water of Leith is great for a nice walk!

    I live here - it's one of my favourite city in the world!

  30. Ooh, and La Favorita on Leith Walk serves the best log fired pizza ever!!



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