Wednesday, 21 July 2010


13th July 2010

This is a typical work outfit now. Actually, I am quite partial to wearing a shirt because it makes me feel really smart, but I like this top too. These shoes have been unloved for far too long as well, but now I have brought them into my work wardrobe. Oh t-bars, I will never tired of you! These shoes are 2 years old from topshop, back when prices were quite reasonable and these leather shoes only cost £35. Now they probably cost more like £60. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought anything from Topshop (probably my lovely peter pan collar coat in September). This is because I think they are rip off merchants now and nothing really appeals to me much (for the quality and price). Anyone else found this with Topshop lately? For example, I tried on a lovely red skirt last week in there but it was SO short and really thin material and I think they wanted about £32 for it. I could probably buy a really nice dress from somewhere else for that. Maybe I'm a skin flint, but hey. 


Oh aren't these shoes lovely though? Maybe I will fall back in love with Topshop if they start making lovely t-bar shoes like these at equally lovely prices. 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Birthday presents


Crochet bag


Peonies for my birthday

I got some gorgeous birthday presents this year, lots of crochet related stuff! How adorable is my amigurumi yorkshire terrier? It is a mini-Nina. I also got peonies off my Mum because they are my favourite flowers. I just love the way the blossom into these huge plumes of petals, it is a bit magical to me. My camera necklace is off my sister and I love it, I've always wanted one but never bought one for some reason. I loved each and every present that I got because they were all so thoughtful and appropriate for me, they always make the best presents no matter how small they are. It really is the thought that counts. 

Sunday, 18 July 2010

My alice in wonderland dress

I know it may be a blogger cliché to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland (along with being a Zooey Deschanel fangirl and liking cupcakes), but I bought an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress yesterday and only realised once I got it home how much it makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland. It isn't obviously Alice in Wonderland-esque, but the blue and cream together and cute peter pan collar are definitely channelling Alice. 


This dress was a complete bargain, at only £10 from River Island! I was running around our local shops trying to find something to wear for my first works night out and in desperation went into River Island, hoping that nothing would be too 'River Island-ed' (i.e. covered in sequins or diamanté and a horrible River Island logo), and stumbled upon this in the sale section. In my size too! It is possibly a little bit too big for me but they didn't have it in any other sizes so I snapped it up. Coincidentally, I didn't end up wearing it for my work night out, but I wore it to go out for Sunday lunch today. Being slightly big has it's bonuses, as after eating a huge meal it wasn't too uncomfortable! Haha! 

Goodness, is it Sunday already? The weekend just isn't long enough! I have had such a busy weekend too, I saw Inception on Friday (amazing), works night out last night and Sunday lunch with all my family today. I think I need another weekend to recover! I guess I better get used to making the most of my weekends now though. How do you all like to spend your weekends? Completely relaxing or jam packed? I like a bit of both really. 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wedding cupcakes

Another reason why I have also been so busy lately is because last weekend I made my first wedding cupcakes and cake. I was also working full time, so I would get home and make a batch of cakes every evening to freeze, then had to make the big chocolate cake and spent all of last Saturday morning icing them. This was also combined with having to attend my own cousin's wedding and get ready for that, so it was a very stressful week and morning! It was so so worth it thought when I assembled the cake on the cake stand.

Wedding cupcakes


I hate to blow my own trumpet, but don't they look great?! I was so pleased with them. The week had been so humid so I was scared that the icing would go sloppy with the heat and not pipe properly, but it went very smoothly. If I ever got married myself I would possibly even consider making my own cake, because it is such a big expense and I don't think I'd be willing to spend £200+ on cakes I know I could easily make myself. 

Sunday, 11 July 2010



It was my birthday on Friday! 22. A year ago I was getting ready for my graduation, packing my bags to go to Paris with Scott and turning 21. This year was slightly more low key, although we were also celebrating the fact that I am starting my first full time adult job tomorrow, as a Librarian in my local library. I feel like a real grown up now! Although I am still technically a student because I'm completing my dissertation part time (which is great because I can still get student discounts hee!)

Pretty peacock

Pygmy goats

For my birthday me and Scott went for a little picnic to a local estate that has lovely gardens and a cute petting zoo. My favourite animals were the pygmy goats, I would love a pet one to keep my lawn nice and trim! Then we went strawberry, raspberry & blackcurrant picking and spent the evening watching Mad Men and drinking elderflower wine. It was lovely.

Raspberry picking

On Twitter the other day I was debating going on an infinite blog hiatus, as starting my new job will make it rather difficult to keep updating my blog frequently. I shall see how it goes, as I have days off during some weeks and mornings off when I work late nights so I'll try to adapt some blogging schedule into that. I am starting my new job tomorrow and it's very exciting but a bit scary at the same time! Am I an adult now?

Oh and I am SO SO happy that Spain won the World Cup! I have been cheering them on right from the start (even when England were still in it, because being half Spanish I could choose either to support and knew England would be rubbish). There were some points when I thought they wouldn't quite manage it, but they really deserved it and I just wish I was with my family in Valencia celebrating now!

How are you all anyhow? And also do any bloggers who work full time have any tips on how to keep up with blogging too? I really want to try to keep at it!


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