Friday, 12 November 2010

What's in my bag?

I am such a bag girl. And a shoe girl really. But I do have more handbags than is really healthy for someone to have and sometimes I just can't resist them. One of my favourite handbag shops is Ollie & Nic, who I have blogged about before when I found one of their bags in TK Maxx for the bargainous price of £30. I love it so much, my boss actually has the same one but in blue and was very jealous of my bargain hunting skills as she had paid full price for it.

I had been eyeing up their Hove satchels since I saw them on the website, but after seeing them in real life I thought they were a bit too small for the price (£90!). Then to my delight they got put in the sale! First they were £50 but I held out and then managed to get one for £40! I love it. It is very small though and I am usually a big bag girl, but it fits my essentials in and now that I have my Sony Reader, I don't have the book issue either as that takes up hardly any space. I love it and it's perfect for work because it fits in my locker nicely.

Ollie & Nic satchel

Isn't the satchel lovely? It is leather and oh so soft. It's a real classic as well and I can see myself still using it in 10 years time so for £40 I am very pleased with it.

What's in my bag?

The size hasn't been too big of an issue, I've just learnt not to clutter my bag. Here is what I usually have in it everyday: my phone, brolly, Sony Reader (I am in love with it!), some make up bits and bobs and my purse.

There are so many gorgeous things on the Ollie & Nic website, how lush is this laptop bag? Definitely one of the nicest laptop bags I've ever seen.

Now if only I had £150 spare...


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