Sunday, 17 April 2011

60 years (plus those shoes!)

nana and grandad

On Tuesday my Nana & Grandad will have been married for 60 years. They first met when my Nana was 16 and my Grandad was 18, back in Spain. However, it took them 9 years to get married because they were in post-civil war Spain and my Grandad wanted to escape to better places before settling down. He ended up in England and then married my Nana although they were both in different countries (it is called a wedding 'by proxy' and just involves signing the paperwork with witnesses, I don't think they are allowed now though). My Nana was then allowed by her Father to come to England to live with my Grandad and the rest, they say, is history. It makes me sad in a way that they never got to have a lovely wedding and there are no photos of my Nana on her wedding day. But! It also fills me with love because their marriage was motivated by their desire to spend the rest of their lives together without the need for materialistic wedding things. And 60 years later they are still going strong. I only hope that myself and Scott will have such a long and happy marriage like theirs has been.

Today was spent with family celebrating their 60 years of marriage. I took it as an opportunity to debut my new shiny shoes I posted a photo of in my last post that prompted a lot of questions!



Aren't they beautiful? They are VERY VERY high! I nearly didn't wear them because I've been suffering with a slight bout of plantar fasciitis from running, but they actually helped because they meant there wasn't much pressure on my heel but more on the balls of my feet. Plus I wasn't walking very much so I don't think it has hampered my recovery... The shoes are from Topshop and I first found them thanks to the Domestic Sluts on my lunch hour and instantly squealed, discussed them with my colleagues who convinced me to buy them and then ordered them as a nice Friday lunchtime treat. They are so much higher than any shoes I've ever worn before - they look much higher IRL than in photos for some reason! There is a sneaky hidden platform too. I love the colour too, they will go with pretty much everything. I think I have christened them my 'David Bowie Shoes'. Love them. My dress is from h&m too, I don't think I have ever actually blogged it before but it is a firm favourite for family do's.

I'm back to the grind tomorrow of work and dissertation! Even the Easter bank holiday will be marred by the black cloud that is my dissertation, although I am celebrating my friend Corinne's birthday on Friday which shall be fun and help motivate me with my work this week. Hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays! (But not too much, of course!)

Friday, 15 April 2011


I have been very, very busy lately with my dissertation, training for my run, (you can now sponsor me for my run, I'm running for the British Heart Foundation!) work & lots of family things too. My dissertation completion is my current no. 1 priority so blogging is on a bit of a back burner for the rest of this month. 

In very exciting other news, there is going to be a north-west bloggers meet up in Manchester! Myself and t'other Helen are always moaning about lack of events in the north west so we thought 'let's arrange one ourselves!'. It will be on the weekend so all you 9-5ers won't miss out and it will be on June 11th so hopefully all Unis will be finished then too so no yucky exams or deadlines will interfere with it. Who's in?! Join the google group if you want to come and suggest venues, etc.

Oh and also check out my guest post about my favourite bookshop in Bath on Andrea's blog.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Teacup, Manchester



On Sunday myself & Scott hopped on the train to Manchester to pick up my engagement ring and to get a bite to eat for lunch. We don't often go into Manchester and I wanted to try somewhere different to the usual chains we would frequent when there so I tweeted for some recommendations. One of the recommendations was Teacup & Cakes and the name instantly intrigued me. I searched for their website and found it was a lovely cafe owned by Mr Scruff in the Northern Quarter. They serve loose leaf teas and homemade cakes which was instantly a win for both of us.



For lunch I had the haloumi salad and Scott had the sandwich & soup combo. I loved the teapots too. They brought us a teapot each packed with leaves, a timer for each of our teas and an empty teapot for us to pour the brewed tea into it. This was a genius idea as the amount of times I've had overbrewed, bitter tea is countless!The haloumi salad was lovely - I love haloumi and the way it squeaks against your teeth. There was a sweet chilli sauce to go with it too which was a combo I've never had before but really enjoyed. Scott had pea & mint soup which he enjoyed but I tried a bit and felt it needed more seasoning and oomph.




All through our meal the cakes were staring right back at me from the counter! They looked amazing! Scott had the obligatory scone and it was delicious (I managed to wangle myself a bite or two of it too). What is it about clotted cream, jam & scone that makes it so tasty & quintessentially English? I love clotted cream. I had the miniature victoria sponge which was enjoyable but slightly dense for me. Victoria sponges need to be light as a feather I always think. Still, it was an enjoyable cake. Aren't they plates pretty too? They're Burleigh pottery (the last working Victorian pottery in England!) and Scott is now on the lookout for some to add to our every growing tea set & crockery collection.

Scott is always anti-Manchester and pro-Liverpool but I think that teacup may have just won him over and it might make me able to drag him to Manchester a bit more often with the promise of tea & cake there.

teacup & cakes
55 Thomas Street
M4 1NA

Friday, 8 April 2011

Outfits of the week

Shoes - Topshop
Dress - New Look
Belt - Asos
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins

Shoes - M&S
Skirt - H&M
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - Zara

Ah this week has been busy busy. As it is now April, my MA dissertation is due in in one month. I have booked some time off work next week to crack on with it and spent my day off yesterday in the Uni library. It felt weird, like I was going back to a year ago when I was studying full time. I haven't missed it though! Hopefully by May I will be less stressed & busy.

I have also been running & swimming, 5 weeks to go until my race. I had the most awesome run yesterday. I had blisters on my feet from wearing ballet flats with no socks so was worried it would affect my run. I went out just planning on a short one but the weather was so nice and I felt amazing so I went on my looooong run. My garmin gave out after 1.7k so then I had to start up my nike+, but I think I ran 6k. I remember when running 6k would leave me barely unable to move my legs the day after but now I just felt amazing. I CAN do this 10k run!

Monday, 4 April 2011

My favourite skirt

I am so so so besotted with this skirt - I actually thought the other day about how devastated I would be when it finally falls apart. I have had it for 2 years now and wear it so much.


It was such a great bargain from H&M, £7 in the sale! I always do that £ per wear thing and this must be down to pence per wear considering how much I wear it! It is great for work because it is a nice length and has pockets but it's also nice for casual wear because it's so comfy. In the summer it's nice and airy.

Wednesday 012 228/365 saturday evening friday

Okay, I just realised that these outfits don't really represent how I wear it. I like to wear it with red tights & black shoes for the contrast but apparently when I do do this I never manage to catch an outfit photo. Oh well. 

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you will be devastated to part with? What's your most worn item of clothing? 

PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post! I was worried the majority would find it boring but if it helps at least one person in their career decision then I will be very happy.


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