Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dark days

shoes - tesco, skirt - topshop, t-shirt - h&m, cardigan - marks & spencer, coat - topshop, scarf - new look

Happy December! (Omg, December already.) This is what I wore on Monday - it was still very dark when I left the house so I'm lucky to have managed to snap these, although they are quite poor quality. I am hating these dark days and nights! I never want to get up in the mornings or do anything when I get home from work. The only shining light getting me through the next few weeks is Christmas (of course) and the fact that after the 21st December the days will start getting longer again. 

This is my new fur scarf, it was an absolute bargain from New Look for £6!I ordered it online and got it delivered to my local store for pick up - something I've been doing with a few shops lately for Christmas shopping to save on paying postage, it's been really good. 

Anyone have any tips for avoiding the winter blues and feeling more energetic in the dark days?


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