Monday, 16 January 2012

Sequins in the daytime


Dress- c/o George
Cardigan - Red Herring
Boots - Topshop

Although it's January and everyone is still feeling the comedown after Christmas, I think there's no need to hide the sequins and glittery party dresses away in the back of your wardrobe. I wore this on Saturday just for a quick jaunt into Liverpool to try to spend my Christmas vouchers but fail. It was absolutely freezing but so lovely and bright. I adore winter days like that although I don't like having to de-ice my car in the morning AT ALL! This dress was sent to me via George at Asda, it is actually really good quality jersey. It feels so soft and I don't think it will bobble at all (although I haven't washed it yet so I guess only time will tell). It certainly feels better than other jersey peter pan collar dresses I've had in the past. The sequins on the collar did get slightly itchy after walking around shops all day. I do not own enough sequins at all though and now I have a strange desire to buy more sequins or at least accessorise with them more. I am already rather in love with glittery nail varnish all year round so why not sequins? 


  1. I love it! I'd like to spice things up with a bit of sparkle but there's not a lot of choice apart from INYOURFACE fully-sequinned skirts, but this dress is subtle enough for day, nice enough for night.

  2. The sequin collar is such a cute little detail. I really like your name necklace too. x

  3. That dress is really gorgeous! It looks so soft and casual but it fits you so well. I might have to check it out when I next see some George clothing! That little collar is really beautiful! Also excellent wallpaper!


  4. love a little sparkle! Bought a new outfit in the sales on Sat, put it on and I looked like you, black dress with a red belt and bright blue cardi haha. Alaways think of you when I see outfits with primary colours x

  5. Really love this outfit!! I'm in Canada at the moment and really miss cheap clothes like George or Primark :(

  6. I think some fashion rules are definitely ok to break, and being a sequin lover myself I'm also keen to wear them during the day! (but within moderation!) That dress looks gorgeous on you and you've paired it well with other pieces. Because the sequin detail is very subtle I think it works well ;)

  7. I really love a bit of sparkle in the dark winter days. That dress looks really nice, love your socks over the top of your boots too :-)

  8. it's all about a daytime sequin. Makes you look like you've put effort in without actually putting effort in!

  9. this is a lovely dress, the sequins are quite understated which is nice :)

  10. I like how you have accessorised this! I am yet to have any peter pan collar dresses, does that make me a bad blogger?!

    Maria xxx



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