Sunday, 19 February 2012

Loafer love

Sunday best
Shoes - Clarks
Tights - h&m
Dress - c/o Very

I've had such a busy week and I've been full of a cold which has slowed me down slightly too! It was my Uncle's 60th birthday and my Auntie had arranged a surprise birthday party for him and asked me to bake some cupcakes for it. Combined with working and being ill, I've felt soo tired this weekend! It's also my brother-in-law's birthday today and my Mum's tomorrow so I made them a joint birthday cake to share today which I will blog about soon - it was delicious. This is what I wore to go around to my Mum's for Sunday dinner. I treated myself to some new loafers to replace my Tesco ones which were falling apart. I have worn them nearly every day since I got them in July and for £14 I got my wear out of them! These shoes were £35 from Clarks and I already have my eyes on some more loafers - I think they are my new ballet pump. 



Do you like loafers or are you more a brogue or ballet pump girl? I am off to bed for an early night now - I have another hectic week ahead of me! 


  1. I think i'm a brouge/loafer/ballet girl! I do love the ones your wearing x

  2. I love your outfit, the tights are such a great colour :)
    I love loafers, I've got a pair from Next that I wear all the time, I do love brogues too though. x

  3. I think I'm more of a ballet flat girl :) although I just found some leather mocs at an opshop recently and they're now my new favourite shoes :)


  4. I don't have any loafers but I really like the looks of them. I might have to pick some up!

  5. i can't decide which i like better: loafers, brogues or ballerinas. my heart is turned to loafers now: those kate kanzier and the asos ones have such gorgeous colours!

  6. Anything with a bit of a sole (I was going to right 'soul' but stopped due to my poor attempt at a joke..anyway!) will do....most ballet pumps do not seem to be worth the money you pay for...if they get wet, they're ruined, if you walk over stones it hurts your feet, etc.... I just want something sturdy if I'm going to be walking a good distance!

  7. What a lovely dress! Have you bought it online? If so could you share the link? :)

    1. It was Holly Willoughby but isn't available on the website anymore :(

  8. I used to be really anti-loafer, but now I own some (those Kate Kanzier ones in black, actually) I'm quite the fan.

  9. Loving the look of those loafers. I've been after some patent navy blue loafers since September but I still haven't found any anywhere.

  10. Love the kelly green tights.

    Love Grace.

  11. I have so many ballet pumps but have been looking at loafers a lot lately. I still haven't found a pair that 'look right' on me. I love them though!

    Also, tapioca is a strange kind of food- it's sort of jelly like. Bigger versions of it is what can be found in Bubble tea!

  12. I LOVE LOAFERS!!!!!! I had some from River Island that recently dies and I definetly need to replace them! I find them perfect in the Summer with socks! xxx

  13. Love those tights! I have never been a loafer girl but those shiny red ones are gorgeous =) x

  14. oh my, those yellow ones are beautiful. I love flat shoes!

  15. I love loafers but I'm eribly bad at keeping them on my feet! Unusual sized feet mean I can never et shoes to stay on unless they have laces or a strap, so alas I am resigned to brogues. I love those yellow asos ones though!

  16. Those loafers are amazing, especially at that price! I am growing to love loafers, they always look a bit less dainty which I like :)

    Maria xxx

  17. As usual, I wish I could have bought your dress! :P I have loved loafers since I got a pair from Hush Puppies for Christmas 2010. The trick is finding a comfortable pair though I might wear those red ones whether they were painful or not. ;P

    A from A + B in the Sea



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