Monday, 13 February 2012

What I wore: Friday/Saturday

Dress - Oasis
Belt - Asos
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Topshop

I had a lovely but also strange weekend. It started off on Friday night when I started getting ready to go out for a meal with my friends and got on the bus and then suddenly thought 'today isn't the 11th is it, it's the 10th'. Yes, I had got ready and gone out on the WRONG night. So then I had to get the train back to Scott's brothers were they were having a night of board games & curry, but I felt ever so overdressed. Let's just call it a trial run. Everyone laughed when I told them though and at least I thought it was a day early and not a day later. 

The sad thing is that my hair was better the day before! I curled my hair straight from work and it was lovely and curly but on Saturday the curls didn't hold as well because my hair was freshly washed and a bit too fluffy. I think I need to find a better product to hold the curls in. Any recommendations? 

This dress was bought before Christmas as my 'party dress' but I think it's pretty versatile and could be worn with nice boots and layered up for a winters walk or maybe even worn for work. I've already worn it quite a lot, I think it would look lovely with a red belt also. I've also been thinking about buying one of those detachable collars to layer over it? 


  1. haha gutted about the mix up of days but it is funny ;) still, at least you hadn't missed the meal. and you can't beat red & black.

    i was in liverpool on saturday. best place for shopping EVER x

  2. Haha oh no about the mix up but like you said at least you wasn't late!
    I love the colour of your dress, it's so pretty!

  3. Oh my word I think that's one of my nightmares but for it to be one day late! At least you got to dress up twice!

  4. I have done this SO many times!

  5. Haha, that sounds like something that I would do!

    Love those shoes.


  6. Oh bless you - that is funny though!
    Love the outfit, and I'm definitely still loving your curly hair! x

  7. haha oh dear, that's so funny and so annoying! but like you said at least you were a day early! i've embarrassingly gone to an interview a whole WEEK early, but luckily the entire department were out when I was loitering around looking for my interviewer.
    lovely outfit and i think that dress would look gorgeous with a detachable collar, and a collar would be such a handy thing to have for everything from t shirts to jumpers as well xxx

  8. Oh dear! At least it was early though! I LOVE this dress on you, it is SO pretty!

    Maria xxx

  9. You look so lovely- it's a gorgeous dress! I always use the strong hold pantene spray and its works wonders! My hair is so fine and fluffy so I really recommend it :) xxx

  10. Detachable collar - YES (especially the one you linked!) It would look even better than it does now (if that's humanly possible). and I can really relate to mixing days: the only thing I do different is that I only remember the day after =/ already missed a couple of flights this way haha

  11. I didn't laugh. I didn't I promise. That's a lie.

  12. I didn't laugh. I didn't I promise. That's a lie.

  13. I didn't laugh. I didn't I promise. That's a lie.

  14. That outfit is wonderful. I'm especially jealous of the cardigan and shoes.

  15. Love that colour dress, a collar with pearls or black ribbon on would look lovely with it.
    I do things like that all the time, I have to write everything in my paper diary xx

  16. Lovely look, love the dash of colour with the red shoes! X

  17. Love the outfit! Haha oh dear, at least you only got as far as the bus!



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