Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Running up that hill

Running number for my next 10k :D

Well, I did manage to keep one resolution for the month which was go running often throughout April. I didn't however keep up with the blogging, running kind of took priority over it. My love for running has been reignited though and I've decided to enter a 10k run in Sefton Park which is in just under 2 weeks. I am half scared and half excited. I know that I won't beat my time for the Manchester 10k last year, which came in as literally just under an hour, but my aim is simply to finish it. Then, I am going to enter the Mersey Tunnel 10k with my friend Emma. That is in June so I am hoping I can train enough to get a PB for that, although it is apparently quite a hard run through the tunnel as it can get quite warm and stuffy down there.

I've been tracking my runs using Fetch Everyone and my Garmin, it is so useful as you can see your average pace for each run and you can see how from the beginning of the month I have sped up from 6.36/km to 6.01/km. It also predicts what time you would run different distances in based on your pace, which is what makes me think I am not fast enough to go sub 1 hour yet. You can get a bit tied up looking at too many stats and things so for this race I am just aiming to finish! 


I have also decided that before I am 30 (so, just over 6 years) I want to run a marathon. Obviously I will try to run a few half-marathons before that. At the moment though, even running 6 miles seems like a huge effort although I can feel myself improving with each run. The human body is really amazing and I know that I *can* do it, it's just whether I can find the motivation and dedication to run 26.2 miles. 

Does anyone else have any races planned for over the next few months? Is anyone else on Fetch Everyone? Add me


  1. I'm registered for a 10k in September, but as I've never even ran a 5k before I think I'll register for one of those in the next few months. I'm not a runner at all, but like you said, it's amazing what the human body can do and you definitely feel the changes every time you go out.

  2. Fetcheveryone for the win! I love the 'time predictor', although sometimes I think it gives me ideas above my stations hehe. Good luck for the 10k; at least you know you've run a 10k distance before, so you can definitely do it again. I think the thoughts of that will keep you going just as much as training will. I'd love to run a marathon but it's one of those things that I only want to do once, & it can only be the London Marathon as it's on my home turf of course!

  3. I'm running my first 5k on Sunday! It's not that far, but it's still a huge accomplishment for someone like me who used to haaaaaate running. And you're right -- I love feeling my body get better at it every time I run!

  4. I fell off the training bandwagon so hard lately but this is a bit of inspiration to get back into it. I've no plans for 10k runs but am climbing Mount Sinai in a few weeks so i'll have to use that as my drive!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Rachel Turner

  5. Argh, I really need to get my Garmin talking to my laptop so I can actually see my stats -would give me a real push I think! I've got quite a few races coming up. I've just done a 5 mile one (8k) in 54 mins and am doing the Dublin Women's mini-marathon on 4 June (10k) - I'm aiming for under 1hr15 for that as my 10k PB is 1.28 (!) but secretly I would LOVE to get in around an hour.

    The VLM got me thinking about Marathons too, and I too thought about trying to do one in your sort of timescale - only for my it's by 35 in 5 years' time (boohoo). Good luck for the Sefton Park run, hope you report back on here :)

  6. Well done on your running! There's just nothing else like it that gives you that buzz I think. Love your marathon goal, very exciting!

  7. I'm doing the Manchester 10k in May but my main goal is this in August... http://speedoflight2012.org.uk/
    I'm so excited - and moderately terrified too!

  8. I'm doing the Sheffield 10k in September eek - that will be my first 10k although I've done 5ks before. The VLM made me want to do a marathon too! I know it will take some time to build myself up so I'm not giving myself an unreasonable goal but hopefully in the next 5 years.

  9. Wow, well done on your achievements so far, and good luck for your marathon goal!

  10. Good luck with the 10k, Sefton Park is so nice to run around. My mum lives right near there so when I am back home I like to go.

    I always fancied the Mersey Tunnel 10k as it is so different, let us know how you get on with it.

  11. Good for you for signing up, I have been telling myself I will be signing up for a 10k this summer but I haven't clicked the button yet (well, I did, but the site crashed in the middle of my sign up which put me off!) but you've definitely inspired me to get on with it already!

    Good luck with the race!

  12. Good luck! One day I will try running properly but for the time being I will just admire everyone else for doing it!

    Maria xxx



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