Sunday, 20 May 2012


Saturday  Ranunculus
Bargain skirt from m&s (£6 in the sale from Limited Collection!) and ranunculus from my garden. Ranuncs are my favourite flowers after peonies. 

Mexican food made simple

Bought this book on all your recommendations! Can't wait to try some recipes. I've ordered some mexican chillis and chipotle ketchup from the Cool Chile Co and can't wait for them to arrive! The ketchup will be amazing on bbq'd meat once we get some bbq weather. 

Nice houses Bluecoat

Architecture porn. I love the houses on this road near us in Aigburth. They all have original features and the same 3 panel doors and cute door bells and sash windows. The other building is the oldest building in Liverpool city centre, the Bluecoat. We popped in the other day to look at the vintage fair but I didn't see any bargains really.

Cup of tea Kale

We spent a fair bit of time in the garden last weekend and used our new table & chairs for the first time to have a cup of tea outside and listen to the football. We have peas, potatoes, beetroot, carrots, spring onions and kale all growing in our humble yard. Can't wait to have our first harvest!

Teapigs tea

This week I was visited by the lovely teapigs office fairy in work and got some to sample myself at home. The green tea with mint is absolutely lovely as sometimes I find mint tea TOO much like toothpaste and not enough like tea, but the balance of this was perfect. The super fruit tea went down VERY well in work, all the samples were gone after a day! 

This weekend has been a bit quieter, I have spent today doing absolutely nothing except dosing up on cold remedies and praying that I shake off this sore throat so that I can get running again (had a long run scheduled for this weekend but have felt too rotten to go out, boo). I bought some new running clothes for the summer, nike tempo shorts and a lovely green nike t-shirt! I usually just buy the cheapest running stuff from Sports Direct, which does the job, but you can definitely tell the difference in the pricey stuff. I think I'll wear the shorts for the Mersey Tunnel 10k as no doubt it will be pretty hot in the tunnel. 

How has everyone else's week been? I hear we're in for some great weather this week so I am hoping we may be able to have our first ever bbq! So excited.


  1. Is that first picture a wall in your back? It looks lovely - would love to see more of it! :) I've been trying to find candy pink masonry paint without much success so far xx

  2. Love the skirt. I always buy the really cheap stuff from sports direct too haha.

  3. Nice to see what you've been up to lately!! :) love how you have some veges growing in your little courtyard. I'll have to remember to give that a go in spring :)


  4. What a complete bargain you managed to nab in the from of the m&s skirt, its fab!

  5. I really hope that the weather gets better this week, I'm currently sitting with the heater on under my desk! Love that skirt and looking forward to your Mexican meals!

  6. Oooh, loving your new skirt & can't wait for your Mexican cooking adventures. Be sure to blog 'em!

  7. That skirt is amazing, what a bargain! xo

  8. I really love the teapigs, I tried the mint one and its the best one Ive had in ages, such a shame they dont use biodegradable bags though :(. You post is making me feel all summer, BBQ you say, can't wait for the first one of the summer!

    1. Teapigs bags are biodegradable!

  9. your garden looks perfect! Having a garden of my own is such an aspirational thing for me, I love spying into other people's!

  10. Love the skirt!
    Your garden is so cute, the weather is great here today so I am very jealous!

  11. That skirt is lovely and your garden sounds fantastic, very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  12. Mustard Ranunculus = wow! We still haven't decided what else to have in our bedroom- at the mo we have on mustard wall and the rest is white. I love, love, love grey and mustard but grey features so heavily in our house already that we're reluctant to put even more grey with it! We'll get there in the end! x

  13. Love the skirt and good luck with the garden, it will be wonderful to start cooking with your own veggies!!!

  14. What an adorable skirt and such a steal!!! Awesome :)



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