Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Red, white & blue

Jubilee outfit
Dress - Topshop (2005!)
Shoes - Topshop
Cardigan - Debenhams
Necklace - Hobbs

I decided to dig out this dress for the jubilee. (I have always loved the colours of the union jack, but now whenever I wear them everyone is like 'oh, how patriotic are you!'. Yes, and I also just like the colours and wear them lots anyway!) I bought this dress in 2005 for my sister's 21st birthday. I was in the first year of college and about to turn 17 and I hardly wore dresses myself but my Mum treated me to a dress from Topshop. It's so crazy to think that I hardly wore dresses! Now I am the opposite and barely ever wear jeans. I guess it was the start of a good relationship.


Victoria sponge

I have been baking so much this week! We had a jubilee party in work so I baked 36 cupcakes and a Victoria sponge for work, then a Victoria sponge for a party at my Mum's and a honey and walnut loaf for another afternoon tea today. So much sugar and dairy! 

Beetroot, carrots and spring onions
Sudley House

Sudley House

I've also been really enjoying the lovely weather we had in the past week (before the typically wet bank holiday!). We had our first barbecue last weekend before watching eurovision and have been enjoying walks around Sudley House which is just down the road from us.  

Anyone else wishing that every weekend could be 4 days long? I've had such a great time off! I've been to a barbecue in Didsbury, party at a lovely twitter friend's, family barbecue and an afternoon tea at a friend's new craft studio

How cute is this photo of us in the photobooth they had made?! We might have to pinch it off them for the wedding. (If you let us, please Jenny? Hehe) 

A 3 day working week and then we are off work for a week! We are going to York for a few nights but will also hopefully be able to squeeze in a few viewings of venues. Oh and did I mention that I'm running the Mersey Tunnel 10k in less than a week? So. Scared. 

How have you been enjoying the jubilee and the extra days off work?


  1. I love that dress; it's gorgeous :) I would like the extra days off school, but sneakily they put them in half term, so it makes no difference :') ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. Ah how good are you! That dress must be practically vintage & it must literally be that case where nobody has this dress anymore; you are the only one. Still suits you though! That cross-over style will never die out. Such brilliant patterns too! Today was the only day off I managed to wangle for the whole of the bank holiday, boostinker. Mustn't grumble though!

  3. That dress is lovely. I'm not really a dress person - usually in jeans and occasionally in leggings and shorts. I probably wear a dress once a month if that. I don't have many to choose from!
    Good luck with the Mersey Tunnel 10K! You'll be fine. Are you doing the Sefton Park 5 Mile in July? I found it last night and it slots in perfect for my half marathon training so im definitely going to do it.

  4. Good luck with the run! I loved red, white, and blue too! I think I've really got to bake a Victoria sponge before school starts again!

  5. the pictures of you two is lovely :-)
    and I like the dress as well..
    have a nice day! :-)

  6. you are so adorable! i just have this image of you making amazing cakes in your amazingly decorated home in your pretty dresses!

    didsbury in manchester eyyyy? i use to hang around there a lot as i lived in chorlton! x

  7. Love the dress! Hope you enjoy York, its one of our favourite places to go for a short break. I'm very happy that we are having a 3 day week although I barely know what day it is, bank holidays always leave me messed up!

  8. That dress is lovely! Enjoy York - I went last year and it is such a lovely city!

  9. Love the dress!
    The picture of you guys with the props is so sweet! I have no advice for wedding planning from your last post, but I hope it's going well! =)

  10. I went to Hay on Wye for the Jubilee :) ate loads of cake and tea, you would love it there xx

  11. I love that dress! I admit I'm reluctant to wear red, white, and blue together for the same reason, only the US flag instead of the union jack. But those colors really do go well together (and probably why they're used on so many flags! ).

  12. Ahh I can totally relate to you with the whole 'you're so patriotic!' thing - I painted my nails in blue and a dark pink before, which turned out to actually be a deep red, and got a comment like that! I just said that I love America, they have the same colours as us haha :)

  13. Nothing wrong with red- white and blue! Such a great colour combo - one of my faves!

  14. Lovely colours in the dress, Jubilee or otherwise!

  15. What fun! All the Jubilee posts I'm seeing from British bloggers make me so jealous. Yes, in America we have the 4th of July, but it's much less dignified and usually involves beer and swimsuits at the lake, not cakes and pretty patriotic ensembles at parties. Thank you for giving me a peek into a completely different culture!

    Thank you too for showing me I'm not the only librarian in the world who's still wearing black tights in June. I only hope I look as good in mine as you do in yours!

    <3 jen @ stuffjendid

  16. aw, that little photobooth looks absolutely adorable!!
    and this jubilee sounds fabulous! i wish we had something like this in america! you look too perfect in that dress!
    xo TJ



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