Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Wow, how is it August already? I swear just yesterday it was my birthday and the beginning of July. 

In July I...

  • Attended my first Clandestine Cake Club. I made a coffee & walnut cake. The theme was 'cherished memories' and passed down recipes, but I don't really have any passed down cake recipes as my Nana and Mum were never really big bakers (this always shocks everyone! But being from a Spanish background, it was more flans and fruit for dessert.) 

  • Spent a few lovely sunny days on the Llyn Penninsula. I went down to stay in a caravan with my parents, sister and niece. It was so nice. My niece is nearly 2 and she is as such a mischievous age but so cute too.  She loved paddling in the sea and shouted 'more! more!' for more waves to come along. Adorable. 

  • Ate more Mexican food at Lucha Libre in Liverpool. Their queasadillas are awesome and we also re-tried their ribs which were a bit dry last time we went, but they've changed their recipe and it was awesome - melt off the bone awesome! 


  • Went on some lovely walks around South Liverpool when the weather was nice. We had a lovely 3 miler down to Otterspool Promenade. When the weather is nice, Otterspool prom is amazing and full of so many people enjoying the sunshine, from cyclists to kite fliers enjoying the Mersey wind. I like to call it Costa del Aigburth or the Mersey Riviera. 

  • Enjoyed our pea harvest. We had some amazing peas from our plants throughout July. I absolutely love peas in a pod. I remember my Grandad would buy us them in a brown paper bag from the greengrocers on the way home from school during the summer. I would devour them so quickly: there was something so special about opening the pods to see the peas, so sweet & juicy! 
I didn't take my camera out much at all during July, which is something I'm going to try hard to rectify in August. I also hope to have a few more outfit posts lined up and more wedding planning updates! 


  1. Sounds like you had a good July. That cake looks amazing.

    Peas from the pod we tend to eat like sweets whilst at the allotment, they really are yummy to eat fresh.

    X x

  2. Happy August! Looks like you had a fun July =) your neice is adorable!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely month. That cake looks epic!

  4. I love eating peas from the pod, looks like you had a fab July, I hope August is as good!

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh that cake... Wish it were here with my right now. Ps can't believe you've been in your house a whole year!

  6. A cake club?! That sounds like such a fantastic idea!!

  7. beautiful pictures! coffee and walnut is the best combination :)



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