Monday, 6 August 2012

New beauty faves

Oh Lola17 BB creamWatermelon body lotion
Oh, Lola by Marc Jacob, BB cream by 17 and Watermelon body lotion by Body Shop

I recently treated myself to some new beauty purchases. I'm not into beauty and stuff too much - I buy what I need and use it all up and then buy more. I'm always shocked/amazed when I see some beauty bloggers stashes! However, I seemed to have ran out of things I got for my birthday last year and Christmas, so it was time to spend some of my birthday money on a few beauty treats. I had ran out of perfume (bar Marc Jacobs Lola, but that is my evening scent) so I wanted to buy a new day time fragrance and I always love Marc Jacobs' perfumes. I also recently smelt Dot which was very nice indeed. Oh, Lola! is a lighter and more floral version of Lola which makes it very nice for daytime. 

I was also running out of my foundation and wanted something lighter with slightly less coverage for the summer, so ventured into BB creams (about 6 months late, I know! But I'm not a beauty blogger so shush). This Boots 17 one is quite nice - it doesn't cover up my blemishes but I didn't expect it to really, but it does even out my skin tone and make the blemishes slightly less noticeable. It also doesn't seem like I'm wearing any make up at all. My skin (acne) had been so bad lately I felt like I was plastering up my skin so much with make up and I needed a break but didn't quite have the confidence to go bare-faced to work, so this is a happy medium and I have noticed my skin has seemed fresher and more radiant since not being covered in make up all the time. 

The body shop body lotion was a gift from my friend Lauren for my birthday - it's loooovely! The smell is amazing and it keeps my legs really smooth after epilating. It appears to be out of stock though which is a bit of a bugger but I might re-consider the body shop for another body lotion when this runs out.

Argania oilPhilosophy cinnamon buns
Argania hair oil and Philosophy cinnamon buns shower gel

I also jumped on the 'Moroccan oil'/Argan oil band wagon! My hairdresser had been gently chastising me for not doing enough with my hair (I told him I'm a wash & go kind of girl and he gently inquired whether I use any heat defence products...ummm when I remember) so I decided to try some argan oil to tame my ends. It's very nice, but I have quite oily hair anyway so I have to be careful not to overuse it. The smell is delicious though - macadamia nuts and cocoa butter! It also leaves my hands really soft after using it. I just have to ensure I use it on damp hair - on wet hair make it way too oily for me. 

And finally, my new favourite shower gel. I have constantly eyed up and sniffed Philosophy shower gels for as long as I can remember, but the price tag (£14 - ouch) put me off. However, armed with birthday money and an impulse to buy, I bought some. And I don't regret it at all. Who wouldn't want to smell like a cinnamon bun? 


  1. I adore the Philosophy products and brought a fair few back from America last year. they not only smell divine but also feel lovely too.

    X x

  2. I'm just like you--I hate paying huge prices for beauty stuff because I'm more of a wash-and-go type gal, too. I still am hesitant to buy some Philosophy products, but maybe I will make the leap now!

  3. I've tried that BB cream and found it pretty decent for the price.

  4. I think you may have swayed me with the argan oil, I need to start taking a bit more care of my hair as the ends do get a little dry. Love the cinnamon buns!

  5. I've been wondering about this type of oil - with macadamia oil too - every seems to be raving about it, ha!

    Thanks for your comment btw, I love how you dress, never change it for the world please!! :)

    Sarah xx

  6. I'm so intrigued by bb creams! I need to give one a try.

  7. I just read this entire post, and I had to laugh because I always marvel at beauty bloggers' huge stashes, too. Where do they PUT all that stuff? I imagine their bathrooms are a mess!

    If the Argan oil is too oily for you (me too), ask your hairdresser to give you a deep conditioning treatment and mix a bit of Moroccan Oil into the conditioner. My hairdresser did it, and I LOVE the result!

    Have a good day,
    jen @ stuff jen did

  8. I love the idea of bb cream but I have such bar scarring and acne. Double wear and lots of coverage for me :( Gosh make up is great and usually 3 for 2, good pigment and lasts for ages x

  9. I am gutted the watermelon lotion is out of stock, my friend Helen (Melon) would love that!

  10. Cinnamon buns is my favourite! I wish I could eat it. lol xx



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