Monday, 24 September 2012

Wedding planning #3

I'm currently stuck in my pyjamas for the 3rd day running with some kind of flu virus thing. It is honestly the worst 'cold' I've ever had. Friday night I slept so badly and was in so much pain, shivering and wimpering. I'm starting to feel slightly better today but just SO TIRED all the time. Friday was our -1 year anniversary and I just kept saying I hope I'm not that ill on my wedding day!

We also had our florist consultation on Friday evening and we have some great ideas. I love brightly coloured bouquets with lots of different textures and height. As our florist said, we want it to look like she's just grabbed a bunch of bright wild flowers together. I love blues and yellows and reds, but with lots of natural foliage.

We love those little yellow pom pom flowers, or crapsedia as they are called. I also have a soft spot for ranunculus and dahlia and daisies. Of course, I would love peonies too but they won't be in season in September and although our florist said we can get them frozen out of season, it's always a bit hit and miss.

Next on our list to sort out is the cake. Then my dress. I did have an appointment booked at the weekend to try some on but had to cancel because I was too ill to go. With officially less than 12 months to go, the heat is on!

What kind of wedding flowers do you like? Traditional, pale pastels or bright & bold?


  1. all of the flowers look so beautiful ! Hope you feel better soon :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. Lovely pics. I like the first and second bouquets the best I think. I had a dozen long stemmed blood red roses loosely tied with string for my wedding day. I wanted to be all gothic and Lady of Shallot! Not sure what I'd go for now. There's so much more choice and variety out there than there was when I got married.

    I hope you're feeling better from your lurgee soon x

  3. Get well soon! I love the colors in the last photo and the loose, relaxed arrangement of the bouquet in the first photo. My favorite flowers are black and white anemones. They're so dramatic!

    <3 jen @ stuff jen did

  4. I like a quite wild look tied with ribbon. Nice and simple. Got some great ideas here already, I'm sure you will go for lots of lovely reds and yellows. I can imagine you getting some yellow wedding shoes actually :) x

  5. Hope you are feeling much better, soon!
    I love that second picture, but they all look so pretty, don't they?
    Z xx

  6. Oh no, get well soon!

    I am more of a pale / traditional kind of girl, although those bright ones look fun!

    Really looking forward to seeing what you go for.


  7. These are beautiful, I love the first one especially.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. The second one is really pretty, I love the daisys :)
    I'm probably going to make a felt flower bouquet for mine x

  9. Hope you feel better soon my lovely. I love the pom pom flowers, quite an unfortunate name though!!

    Sarah : A Million Dresses

  10. I hope you feel better soon, I love these ideas for bouquets, much less stuffy which is nice!

    Maria xxx

  11. Feel better :( I had the worst flu of my life this year that turned into pleurisy, brought whole new meaning to having a cold. So so dire, take good care!
    I love the pompon flowers too. They're very countryside, rustic romance! How amazingly colourful is the last bouquet too!

  12. I hope you get better soon. I had a meeting with our florist last week and I love that hand picked look too.

  13. that's exactly how i want my wedding to be! just all colorful wildflowers everywhere. i want it to be as meadowy as possible and not like the usual wedding circus. that second to last bouquet is gorgeous

  14. Love the first and second one! I would have loved a huge bouquet but couldn't afford it, our local florist was brilliant and helped me choose something within our budget, didn't try and stretch it or anything. I had a small bouquet of peonies and roses, pink and cream and it looked really pretty.

    Get well soon, we have bad coughs and colds in our house, discovering that you get everything your baby does because they don't know not to sneeze in your face...

  15. That second bouquet is beautiful!

    Hope you're on the mend now.

  16. Oh, wedding flowers is so exciting! These examples are lovely, too. I think I prefer bright flowers, in different colours, all mixed together.
    I hope you're getting better!

  17. I love those colorful bouquets, so beautiful!! I always say that I want peonies in my bouquet when I get married, my favourite flowers :)
    I hope you feel better soon :)

  18. Really fantastic wedding flowers bouquets. That's all bouquets are look colorful.

  19. The flowers are really beautiful.
    They will add a lovely bit of colour to your photos and provide a nice contrast against your dress (that is if you go with the traditional white or ivory of course!)
    Good luck with the dress shopping!



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